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{Bangi Spot} : Milk Moustache Cafe

Happy Thursday!
How your day so far this week?
 I hope you always had a great day every day.
As for me, I was trying to make my every day is happy day even though there not so good day but I'm thankful for every day that I had.
Today, I feel so excited to going back home because I can't wait to write on my blog..ahahaha even though I don't have any great story but just typing and typing will make me feel happy. And, today I had my dinner at Milk Moustache Cafe, this is Korean food restaurant at Bangi.Yup, at Bangi near area of my house. This is my second time went here. I love the environment and the food, the kimchii is quite good but the original kimchii is the best!
I am eating alone so I am eating fast and take a little photo.. :(,too bad.
Its okay, next time I will make full story about this cafe..wait y!

 Green tea is good for myself, I am trying to reduce my coffee now..:(

My pinkish nail and green tea..
Yummy but simple food!

Thanks for visit my blogs and have a nice day tomorrow!

"With all my heart I must trust that the LORD and not my own judgement. Always let him let you and he will clear the road for you to follow. He know what ahead you!
Don't ever think that you are wise enough but respect the LORD and stay away from evil

 { Proverbs 3: 5-7)"
Updated May 2014

Thanks again~

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