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{Bangi Spot} : Pizza San Francisco


Third post for today..
Seem like I am so excited today right?hahha..yeah, I am very excited now because I knew that God is always ahead me and I never alone in my life. No wonder I love Sunday so much. On the morning, I heard and learned great things about family at church, always love and help each other in your family. I'm still on progress on this, I am no perfect daughter and "angel heart" sister, I am trying my best to love my family more and more day by day. On the afternoon, I meet my bride to be friends, so happy for her, take care my friends. Then, on evening I had a great dinner with my friend and hopefully, I will do this often with my family. I am thankful of the great day.
Okay, move on to foody today. Once again, I ate my favorite spaghetti..yummy!

My friend's many, your diet?hahahha...just kidding!

Salad? hurmm...

Dinner with mineral water only..

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