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Outfit Diary : Another all black

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter to everyone!!
This sunday is so special for Christian people like me because we  celebrating the Easter Day or Pascha Day. The Easter day is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This year, I am so blessed because I still can celebrating this special day and doing something special too, we "Leto Kenyah" performing the thankful dance and I am enjoyed it  so much even though  I am currently feeling pain because of the dance practice last night, its very long time I am not move my body..haha
As usual, I had outfit to share with you guys every Sunday. Today, I wear all black from head to toe..haha. I always love to wear black because it can make me look slimmer ( oppsiee.. I still look big even though I am wearing black now, this matter worrying me so much now..hahha, I need to do something now). Wearing all black  maybe make you look gloomy if you just wearing all black without mixed any colorful thing with it  so to avoid the gloomy face and day, I wearing my statement necklace that can make my outfit look bright and I bring my work bag to church today for the first time, how you feel baby ( my handbag name)?hehe..
Enjoy the photo taken by my lovely and understandable friend, Lim. Love you!

Maintaing the "good" pose with my painful legs.haha, sakit lep!

 My first experience wearing this black "pant" or "skirt", err... I am not sure what this called. Its feel so heavy and I feel so uncomfortable ( my honest opinion and I am not going to wear this anymore). Sorry the "pantskirt" ( its combination of pant and skirt I think).

Yay! My hair is getting long and longer..hehehe

 My favorite hot pink flat and my baby!

 My happy face with my baby! I love you!

Before I end my post today, I want to share one story or can I called it funny story, during my lunch today, one man that sit in front of us fall from his chair and I cannot hold my laugh and accidentally laughing but after few second, I realized its so rude to laugh at him. So, what do you think or what you will do when you saw this kind of situation? I mean the hurt and funny situation??
I still feel bad because I laughing just now.. I am sorry that man! 

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy your week ahead. 
God bless you and your family always!

Handbag : Saffiano-effect shopper bag, Mango
Shoes : Steps
Necklace : Times Square, KL
Black Shirt and "pantskirt" : Downtown Cheras, KL
Earrings : Ben Tanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City

Estelle Paya

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