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Outfit Diary : Royal Blue Dress +Statement Necklace

Photo By Suzanne Lim
Happy Sunday!
Today I am so happy because I am wearing my favorite color..yay!
 and not to forget my favorite bag too..haha, I still can't let you go baby.haha ( I even talk with my bag now and I feel like we're best friend). On this lovely Sunday, I went to church and today I learned something that refresh my mind regarding life.
We are one in God no matter who you are and where you come from.  We need to always love each other, always practice "give and take" in our life( I am so weak on this..I always want to take and I always unwilling to give back, I am trying my best now) and always treat each other better. Not to forget,always forgive each other. Everyone makes mistake in this life. If there people ever hurt you, just forgive them and wish them the best for their life. I am not perfect and I am trying my best to become better person.
Move on to fashion talk..hahahha
Do you love wearing dress? and sometime you feel like you can't find the right dress for yourself because of your body type?
 My happy face with my dress.


Tips on buying dress :
1. Always find the dress that fall on your knees unless you had a nice leg then you can get the shorter you can..hahha ( Mine just too short I think)
2. If you had flabby arm, don't feel sad, try to find dress that had a short sleeve ( just like what I am wearing below) and always avoid sleeveless dress unless you wear jacket on it.
3. To highlight your waist, always wear thin belt.
4. Don't over accecoriess. If you wearing belt then your statement necklace will make it crowded. Try to avoid that.
5. Wear statement necklace for your plain color dress. 

Lastly, what I love taking photo of myself is make fun of myself.hahha
Happy Week ahead!

Thanks for visit and read my blog!

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