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Outfit Diary : Blue Shirt + Floral Blue Midi Skirt (DIY)

Photo by Suzanne Lim
Don't be surprised with my title today. I am still in love with my full midi skirt.My obsession over full midi skirt is not over yet and I don't know when I am going to stop. Sorry if you already over it and feel so tired of seeing me in this awesome skirt. I am totally into it for this moment and I will like it until I feel like I'm done, time to moving on(hahaa..I don't know when this time will come). As for now, please overloaded yourself with my full midi skirt. If you want to know how to style this awesome and stylish skirt, I make one post about it before, go here.
I'm not going to talk about why I love this skirt anymore, you heard it for many times already. haha
If you noticed, this skirt is the same pattern with the previous skirt I made before, go here. This is my third #makesomethingbeautiful project( with my big sister's help, thanks Sis, love ya!). For this one, I make it a bit longer than the previous one and make it more 50's feel. I am so in love with 1950 fashion. Its really catching my attention and I just fall for it. If can, I want to dress like them everyday,hahaha.  I like the way they dressed up. For me, the 50's women always look so elegant, beautiful and classy. I am going to love it even though people staring at me when I walking around on shopping mall just like today but its okay. Thanks for staring at me in strange way. I love it so I don't care what people see, what most important is I love it! I love to search about fashion 1950 and my eyes going crazy whenever see it. My Pinterest, full of it. I am planning do something that feel the 50's on next #makesomethingbeautiful project. Its still in progress so please wait ya!
Do you love 50's fashion just like me?

Another reason I love about Sunday is after come back from church, I will "push" my friend to take my photo with my outfit of the day or #ootd.hahaha. I don't know how to posing or what people called that, strike the pose?hurmm..I don't know. I just do the way I wanted. Just wanted to keep everything in memory. Let's see and critic my photos below.hahaha

Word of the day 
" You can choose to live according to God's design for you rather than according to the way mankind defines you"

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog.

God bless you and family for another great week in your life.

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