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{Travel List } : Saipan Island, Western Pacific Ocean

17 April 2014

Photo credit : Google Image

Have you ever heard of Saipan Island? Is not Sipadan Island...
Today is my first time heard of this place.Now, I feel so lucky that I accidentally found it after I watched one of K-pop music video. For the first second of the video playing, I just "wow and wow and wow", and my mind keep wondering "where is this beautiful places?, please google my hand..haha and I found it.  According to "mr.wikipedia", Saipan is the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean after Guam ( I always wanted to go to Guam too, God please blessed me with many money, energy and friends to go here..hahaha). Arghh.. I can't wait to share this beautiful places with you guy. I really want to go travel here as quick as possible now but no money, this place so beautiful and I can't resist, I really want to go here!!!  But, so sad, I don't know how to go here too.hahha, I will find my way no matter what. Google will help for sure.. I can imagine I take a lot of photos here and arghhh....God, please make my dream come true!hehe. I keep dreaming now...
Since I cannot go as soon as possible, let's see the photos from people that already went there and get jealous with them..haha
Let's go to the Saipan our dreamm...

To make our dream seem more real, lets visit their website and get to know this beautiful place better,

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Back to where I found about this beautiful places,please watch video below and you'll definitely fall in love with the view on this music video.If you are not fan of K-pop, just watch the scenery of the video.
Enjoy the video and good night! Dream of Saipan Island now...hahhaa

If you can't watch the video, I search the image for you too. Let's enjoy the beautiful place and beautiful people.ahahhaha

Photo credit : Google Images
Photo credit : Google Images

Photo credit : Google Images

Good night from SECRET unnie.. :)
Photo credit : Google Images

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