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West Malaysia : Central Market + Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

27 April 2014

Photo by Maznee Husin

Happy Day from me!hehe..
This is my second post for today, yay or nay? hahhaa..
I feel so excited to share what happened on my life today.Finally, one of my dream come true today. Previously, I mentioned that, I wanted to visit and capture photos at some attraction places at Kuala Lumpur this year, you can see here. For today, I visited Central Market and Petaling Street, yay! I am very excited of this.
What make this moment is seem bittersweet is I went here with my friend, Maznee that will be get married this weekend, I feel sad and happy now, I am sad because another friend of mine is getting married..haha and I am happy because I can be her bridesmaid ( need to learn how to be bridesmaid for Malay bride, never done it before). Actually,we went here to find something for my friend's wedding preparation and I get this golden opportunity to capture some photos with my lovely friend help, thanks Maz! 
Honestly, I am not really into these places because of the crowd but its special place so what to do but I love the scenery of the city and the funny thing happen here also, I'm scared to cross the road and feel scared when walking on Petaling Street, I never thought that I will be scared to walking on my country. There nothing bad here but need to more extra careful with your belonging, put all the important things such as identity card/passport, credit card and ATM card on your pocket also careful with anything surround you. 
Let's enjoy some photos of mine today..ahh..I totally forgot, I am wearing my white t-shirt ,blue pant and military inspired jacket also my favorite bag.

First stop is some random florist shop.
 Love all the fresh flower, can someone buy this for me?hahhaa

Finally, the place that I never been before in my life, Petaling Street. 
I always come to KL but never go to here.haha

Then, the third place is Central Market.
I went to this places before and there a lot of changes already and I love this places because I can see some antique and unique things. Sorry for my super lame face on my photo below..haha

Coconut drink is always the best for the hot day.

 Inside the Central Market, I spotted this colorful shirt and immediately make it my back drop for outfit today..haha
White Shirt : Uniqlo
Blue Pant : Bandung
Military inspired jacket : Forever 21
Bag : Padini Authentics
Flat shoes : Tesco

 Outside of the Central Market, its time for photos..haha

Peace from the bride to be...

This is my "lemau" face after walking around..sticky and hot!

Lastly, special photo for you guy!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Estelle Paya

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