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West Malaysia : Mersing,Johor

Photo by Rachel Iban

Happy Tuesday!
I'm back from my long break, its feel so good and relaxing after  I seen my family. No matter how is your family, they are gift from God and they're our strong supporter in this life. Just like I mentioned previous post, I went to Mersing to visit my second sister's family. I visited Mersing so many times before but this time, I fall in love with the beach here.This time, I feel so blessed, I had opportunity to see,touch the sand, see the sunset and take a fresh air from the beach, its feel awesome! I love the feeling so much!
Bad news, I couldn't capture the best and good picture to share here due to camera and smartphone issue ( they broke my heart). But, its okay maybe my smartphone and camera wanted me to enjoy the view and remember the awesomeness in my mind not on my memory card.hurmm..One thing that excite me is my nephew. He growing up so much. I so excited to see him and sometime I feeling old whenever see him. My life is getting shorter and I need to enjoy my life in a good way and do something awesome everyday! Love people around me, catch my dream everyday passionately and appreciate everything that I had.
How about you? Do you always feel getting old whenever you see your nephew? ( of course we getting old..haha)

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy your week ahead!


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