Photo by Suzanne Lim

Happy Sunday, Keriit!
Hope you had a great Sunday and feeling so refresh after had a good rest day and ready to move forward on your life for next week. Today, I went to church wearing my royal blue dress and cropped denim jacket that I wearing for countless time already,haha.I just love them! But, this is my first time pairing this two ladies so here is the outcome! What do you think? Am I too blue? haha..You can guess what my favorite color when see this pairing..hahaa. Blue dress, blue jacket and blue shoes..hahaa.. Its blue!
I want sharing one great sentence on the book that I always read whenever I feel down with myself :

" To grow in respect for yourself, you must know yourself. The only way to know yourself is spend quality time with yourself. Take some time to do things that interest you and you enjoy. The more you respect yourself, the more clearly you will see where your own needs and responsibilities and where another person's needs and responsibilities begin. As a part of practicing self-respect, speak well of yourself at all the time. Treat yourself as the most valuable person you know. In truth, you are important, valuable, worthy, and lovable. 
By Paula White on Dare to Dream.

Let's enjoy my Sunday routine, I took my photo every Sunday now, after church service for sure. Big thanks to my dearest friends for give me support on this weird routine. Love ya!
Since I love this two outfit so much, I will share to type of pairing for different events. Hope you'll like it!
Photo By Genevieve George

Happy Sunday!
Today, I am the happiest the girl in the world ( or basically my world,haha) because I am wearing my favorite outfit for this moment. I was wearing my red full midi skirt that I bought two week ago with cheapest deals. I love cheap things for sure. I miss to make skirt but due some technical issue of my sewing machine, I can't make any for this moment. Can't wait to make beautiful midi skirt again. Maybe, you guys have seen me wearing this kind of skirt for countless time already and seem I never get tired of it..haha, yes I am! I never get tired of anything once I love it! What I love about this skirt is the color, its really bright and I no need to wear any others thing to make my outfit stand out (hahaha..). To balance the bright color of red, I wear my long sleeves black shirt and wearing just simple earrings, taadaaa...
Enjoy the photos of myself being happy with my skirt. Thanks to my lovely housemate, Gen and lovely friend, Lim for taking photos of me.

Outfit Diary : Red midi skirt

18 May 2014

Happy holiday everyone!
Yay! Today is another great day in my life because I went to one of the places that I wanted to go and I can talk with my mum and dad! And what really make me feel good is I can wish "Happy Mother's Day " to my mum and she laughing, I love the way she laughing, really miss it now. But, sadly my dad condition is become bad, daddy, keep being strong and never lose hope ( I said this to him just now..). Please pray for my dear father.
I wish about so many thing this year. One of them is go to Port Dickson beach. I never been there in my life and I don't know how its look like and surprisingly, its quite near from where I currently lived. I went here with my friends. We just come here for fun and of course for me, I take a lot of photos, time for learning how to take better photos. The beach is so beautiful ( its very long time I did not see the beach).Whenever I hear the sound of wave, its can make me smile because I love the sound of wave, it so relaxing and make me feel good.Most of all, I accomplished my mission to went here, yay!
So, let's enjoy the photos and beautiful beach.

West Malaysia : Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson

13 May 2014

Photo by Suzanne Lim

Happy Sunday!

This Sunday is extraordinary for everyone because its Mother's day. The special person that need extraordinary day,right?. For mum out there and to my mum at Kg Data Kakus ( she won't read this but still want to wish), Happy Mother's day and be the greatest mother ever for your children and nicest wife ever for your husband.Okay, move on to outfit story today. Today, I'm wearing blue jeans from Giordano Malaysia and white t-shirt from Uniqlo.This is my favorite combination so far. I am so in love with this jeans because its so comfortable and really fit on my body shape. For a very long time, I never felt so comfortable on any jeans, no more squeeze feeling. Seem like I found the one already! and the white t-shirt is never fail me, its always make me confident and comfortable with myself and its goes well with anything. I recommend buy one white t-shirt for your wardrobe, you won't regret it!

"No matter what your body shape, the first thing need to remember, you choose to be like that so be comfortable with it. If you not comfortable, change it for a better one."

Outfits Diary : Blue jeans & white t-shirt

12 May 2014

Photo By Suzanne Lerim

Happy Sunday!
Hope you had a lovely and awesome weekend. This weekend kind of busy weekend for me because I  usually woke up from my bed at 11am or above but this weekend is different, I need to woke up early to attending my dear friend wedding day, I even drive myself go to her house, I really proud of myself now.haha. If I had a busy on weekend, I feel like there no weekend at all or no holiday at all but if I am busy with good things than its should be fine. Back to today story, I make my friends feel "annoyed" with my passion again, I asked her to help me to testing my "boyfie" and capture my outfit diary photos..haha, sorry my dear friend. This passion is killing me and I am sorry for get you involved..haha. My passion is taking my outifts diary every Sunday and share it here, I like everything is on record and I love to see it on future. At the same time, I learn about photography and also..secret!pssstt!!
Today, I pairing my favorites items all together. As you may realized, I wearing this cropped denim jacket quite many time. What I love about this denim cropped jacket is its can goes with any outfit, its so worth to bought this items. I recommend you bought one for you..haha, you can see the first pairing here, second pairing here, third pairing here and here the latest pairing. I love to wear my clothes many times with different pairing and I feel that really challenge me, I try to come out with perfect pairing and I admitted that sometime, I can't achieve it. I am always a fashion disaster. But, for me fashion is all about confident on what you are wearing and be happy with it. If you wearing expensive and super pretty clothes but you won't feel comfortable and happy, then you also fashion disaster people. I am not a fashionista people but I love to dress up and looking good ( in my eyes lah..haha) .Lately, I feel so bad to myself because I am gaining my weight and I am look so bigger on any of my photos and some of people called me fat already, honestly I feel so sad but what the most important is I love myself and I am trying to back to normal and be healthy and fit.
Let's enjoy my photos capturing by my "boyfie" today and with help by my dear friend, Lim. Thanks Lim. Love ya!

Outfit Diary: Cropped denim jacket + Black Maxi Dress

04 May 2014

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