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I missed you, We' ( Mama)

10 May 2014

Happy Saturday my dear friends!
This Saturday is one special day for us. Today is Mother's Day. When Mother's day come, I never had chance to celebrate with my mom or I called her " We ' in Kenyah Language" because we live far away and deep down inside my heart, I really wanted to celebrate with her. I miss her so much now. This morning, I woke up early and read one article for Mother's day sent by my friends. The title is Our Mother is a big liar. Why? Read below :
1. When we eating, when we don't have much food, she will give all the food to her children and said " Eat up, I am not hungry".

2. When we eating, she always separate the fish or meat for her children and said " I don't like fish or meat, eat up".

3. In the mid night during taking care of her sick children, she will said " Rest well my children, I'm not sleepy yet."

4. When we finished our school, we're working now and we send money to her, she will said " Saving it for your need, I still have my own money".

5. When we successful, we invite her to live with us in the bigger house, she will said " Our house at village is more comfortable,I used to live in our house,  I can't live in the big house. "

6. When she become older, she become sick and we crying for her, she still can smile and said " Don't cry, I'm fine".

All these is the beautiful liar from my mum. I am  feeling really bad now for not being with my mum all the time. I miss her so much now, not because its Mother's day, I miss her for the whole time in my life. When I feel sad, there only one that can make me comfortable, its mumy shoulder and words. I still remember when I had big heartbroken last time, I such a lucky for having good mother's like my mum, she comfort me even that time my father is in really bad condition. I am such a bad daughter because bring up my sad things during our family hard time, mumy! I am sorry.. And she was right, I remember the words that she said to me that time, just let it go because he got someone else and afterwards, I know its true! Mummy always right. Young girls listen to you mother whenever you feel you don't know what to do in your life.
My mum is always stronger women that I ever know. During my study time, she always struggling to make money and make sure I can make it. Talk about money, we always don't have enough money because we are poor in money but we never poor in love. Now, I am working I spend lesser time with my family. I always said " I don't have leave, I don't have enough money and so much reason", I am such a bad daughter. I am sorry mummy and daddy for being so selfish and bad daughter. I promise to give my best for both of you because you too are my priority in my life.

Thanks We' for being good and stronger mummy in the world. You may not perfect all the time but I'm accept all your weakness and everything, you just a normal person, that make mistakes or do something that not right in my eyes, but we are humans. Above all, I love you We' and ake' mala' iku' pabik matai petat ilu.
To We',nyat lesau oban nta okat nak kesempurnaan udip miku', ake' lemoto nengayet meta tega ngan du ka alo' ne ngan ake' lemoto jaga osa ek ngan tega because you always said that to me " Take care of myself better", yes, I will mother.

Lastly, Happy Mother's day to all that being Mother already. Take care and you are the best!
This photo below with my mummy.. We go to nauk, meta kojau. The best thing ever in my life is doing this with mum. I always a kampung girl no matter I went.


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