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Outfit Diary: Cropped denim jacket + Black Maxi Dress

Photo By Suzanne Lerim

Happy Sunday!
Hope you had a lovely and awesome weekend. This weekend kind of busy weekend for me because I  usually woke up from my bed at 11am or above but this weekend is different, I need to woke up early to attending my dear friend wedding day, I even drive myself go to her house, I really proud of myself now.haha. If I had a busy on weekend, I feel like there no weekend at all or no holiday at all but if I am busy with good things than its should be fine. Back to today story, I make my friends feel "annoyed" with my passion again, I asked her to help me to testing my "boyfie" and capture my outfit diary photos..haha, sorry my dear friend. This passion is killing me and I am sorry for get you involved..haha. My passion is taking my outifts diary every Sunday and share it here, I like everything is on record and I love to see it on future. At the same time, I learn about photography and also..secret!pssstt!!
Today, I pairing my favorites items all together. As you may realized, I wearing this cropped denim jacket quite many time. What I love about this denim cropped jacket is its can goes with any outfit, its so worth to bought this items. I recommend you bought one for you..haha, you can see the first pairing here, second pairing here, third pairing here and here the latest pairing. I love to wear my clothes many times with different pairing and I feel that really challenge me, I try to come out with perfect pairing and I admitted that sometime, I can't achieve it. I am always a fashion disaster. But, for me fashion is all about confident on what you are wearing and be happy with it. If you wearing expensive and super pretty clothes but you won't feel comfortable and happy, then you also fashion disaster people. I am not a fashionista people but I love to dress up and looking good ( in my eyes lah..haha) .Lately, I feel so bad to myself because I am gaining my weight and I am look so bigger on any of my photos and some of people called me fat already, honestly I feel so sad but what the most important is I love myself and I am trying to back to normal and be healthy and fit.
Let's enjoy my photos capturing by my "boyfie" today and with help by my dear friend, Lim. Thanks Lim. Love ya!

Wearing the maxi skirt with denim cropped jacket is never out of style. When choosing maxi dress, at least bought one maxi dress that plain color. You can style it with anything, trust me!

Don't forget to wear thin belt to make you look slimmer and give some color on my outfit too.

I like to wearing maxi skirt with my sandal because its feel so comfortable and casual.

One of my favorite pose, big business pose..ahaa

Bukit Hartamas is the witness of everything today..haha

Cropped Denim Jacket : KWC
Black Maxi Dress : F&F
Sling Bag : Padini 
Sandals : Vincci

And, I wanted to share my favorite meals...jeng jeng! Here you go, its all chilli..haha, this is Kenyah style spicy food. I love it!

Here you go! 
I called this "home".

Lastly, my close up photo using my "boyfie"...hehe ( I guess you already know it..)

Thanks to visiting and reading my blog..

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