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Outfit Diary : Red midi skirt

Photo By Genevieve George

Happy Sunday!
Today, I am the happiest the girl in the world ( or basically my world,haha) because I am wearing my favorite outfit for this moment. I was wearing my red full midi skirt that I bought two week ago with cheapest deals. I love cheap things for sure. I miss to make skirt but due some technical issue of my sewing machine, I can't make any for this moment. Can't wait to make beautiful midi skirt again. Maybe, you guys have seen me wearing this kind of skirt for countless time already and seem I never get tired of it..haha, yes I am! I never get tired of anything once I love it! What I love about this skirt is the color, its really bright and I no need to wear any others thing to make my outfit stand out (hahaha..). To balance the bright color of red, I wear my long sleeves black shirt and wearing just simple earrings, taadaaa...
Enjoy the photos of myself being happy with my skirt. Thanks to my lovely housemate, Gen and lovely friend, Lim for taking photos of me.

Break time with my favorite drink!
It Green Tea Latte..

What do you think of my red skirt? Don't it look so gorgeous?hahhaa... Hope you like it!
Happy Day ahead and never give up on your dreams. Keep doing it no matter what people think of it. Just do it and be yourself! Love yourself more.

My favorite quote for this week :
 "Some women choose to follow men and some women choose to follow their dreams.If you wondering which way to go, remember that you career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore" 
Lady Gaga 

Aya >> Follow which one you think is better for yourself, make a smart decision in your life. Don't follow any of men or dreams blindly, think carefully and choose the best one and make you happy!


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