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Outfit Diary: Royal Blue Dress + Cropped Denim Jacket | Respect Yourself

25 May 2014

Photo by Suzanne Lim

Happy Sunday, Keriit!
Hope you had a great Sunday and feeling so refresh after had a good rest day and ready to move forward on your life for next week. Today, I went to church wearing my royal blue dress and cropped denim jacket that I wearing for countless time already,haha.I just love them! But, this is my first time pairing this two ladies so here is the outcome! What do you think? Am I too blue? haha..You can guess what my favorite color when see this pairing..hahaa. Blue dress, blue jacket and blue shoes..hahaa.. Its blue!
I want sharing one great sentence on the book that I always read whenever I feel down with myself :

" To grow in respect for yourself, you must know yourself. The only way to know yourself is spend quality time with yourself. Take some time to do things that interest you and you enjoy. The more you respect yourself, the more clearly you will see where your own needs and responsibilities and where another person's needs and responsibilities begin. As a part of practicing self-respect, speak well of yourself at all the time. Treat yourself as the most valuable person you know. In truth, you are important, valuable, worthy, and lovable. 
By Paula White on Dare to Dream.

Let's enjoy my Sunday routine, I took my photo every Sunday now, after church service for sure. Big thanks to my dearest friends for give me support on this weird routine. Love ya!
Since I love this two outfit so much, I will share to type of pairing for different events. Hope you'll like it!

#Pairing no.1 >> Blue dress + denim jacket + Sandals
This pairing is great for church events, girls out day or any simple events in your life.

#Pairing no.2 >> Blue dress + Denim jacket + Sneakers
This pairing is great for girls out day ( if you need to walk a lot, a pair of sneaker will save your feet), concerts or any outdoor events.

Thanks for reading and visiting here. Thank you very much!

p/s : No Kenyah language today on my post, nta mencam teka ke translate isu de ake pisu ka empau ka. I miss Kenyah language so bad.

Estelle Paya

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