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West Malaysia : Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson


Happy holiday everyone!
Yay! Today is another great day in my life because I went to one of the places that I wanted to go and I can talk with my mum and dad! And what really make me feel good is I can wish "Happy Mother's Day " to my mum and she laughing, I love the way she laughing, really miss it now. But, sadly my dad condition is become bad, daddy, keep being strong and never lose hope ( I said this to him just now..). Please pray for my dear father.
I wish about so many thing this year. One of them is go to Port Dickson beach. I never been there in my life and I don't know how its look like and surprisingly, its quite near from where I currently lived. I went here with my friends. We just come here for fun and of course for me, I take a lot of photos, time for learning how to take better photos. The beach is so beautiful ( its very long time I did not see the beach).Whenever I hear the sound of wave, its can make me smile because I love the sound of wave, it so relaxing and make me feel good.Most of all, I accomplished my mission to went here, yay!
So, let's enjoy the photos and beautiful beach.

The Siblings

Make fun pose on the beach!

How lovely is this!

I'm walking on the beach..

Splash virtual water on you!haha

Thanks for reading!

Estelle Paya

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