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Outfit Diary: Stripped black shirt + Black Midi skirt [ Orange wall]

Happy Sunday my dear friends!
Today, I am so excited to share my story with you guys. Before that, promise to not laugh at me okay?
This morning, when I arrived at church with my lovely friend, Elyss, I directly told her "look at the wall, they paint it with brand new color,yay!", I seem just excited to see the wall but not go to church, but the truth is I am more excited to go to church, its my heavenly father's place,if you curious to see you previous color of the wall,you can see here and here ( I took many outfit photo on the wall..haha). Thanks to the owner of the shop, you are the part of this craziness..haha. Honestly, I am totally into the beautiful wall for this moment and you probably know the reason, its so obvious..hahaha.
Okay, move on to my outfit today. I was wearing my black midi skirt that I was wearing for quite many time already. This skirt is one of the skirt that make me so passionate to take photo of my outfit, its contribute a lot during my early craziness..haha. After for so long I make it rest and finally, I wearing it again today and it never fail me. I really love it! You can see the previous pairing of this midi black skirt, here and also here ( this is my first outfit shoot with my friend, Elyss on November 2013).


My first street photos

Photo by Anizan Mansor

Don't overdose with my post today..haha
I make so many post  today since I will be busy during week day so this the only way, I can catch up on my blog. I can choose to make post during week day but I choose to not do that. But,that usually happen if there any topic that I wanted to share. For my experience and my passion topic, I choose to do it on weekend. I think its better like that.
This time, I wanted to share my craziness over mango(fruit) not the Mango( handbag or any..). I love it so much and I can eat up to 10 at one times because I really love it, that make me sick last time. This is my first time drink the mango juice that why I am so excited to share it with you guys. I never know there Mango juice..haha,the taste its just like a mango..hahaha. What a perfect drink on a sunny day like this. Plus, another dream come true. The dream is to take a photo on the street, middle of road, traffic light. What a weird dream of mine. Yesterday, my friends make my dream come true.Yay! Thanks for make my dream come true. This dream may look so small, funny or not even hard to make it come true but still I can say it, dream come true.What is the dream of yours that you even dare to make it come true? Make it come true now!

Floria Putrajaya 2014 ( Night )

I am still in mode to share my photos and experience at Floria Putrajaya 2014. Please be patient ya..haha
If you never know what event is this, you can visit their website/Facebook here:  
Yesterday, I also went there during night because I want to see the view during night., this time I went with my housemate, Gen. We planned to go to Alamanda to watch movie but there no seat available for us, so I ended up buying pop corn and bring my housemate see the Floria at night. Last year, I don't have chance to see the night view because I flight back to Sarawak to visit my father at Hospital Sibu.
Personally for beginner photographer like me, shooting at night is the biggest challenge because photography is all about light. To have a good photo, you need to have a good lighting and know the appropriate setting for that light. During night time, there not much light and I don't want use flash because its make the photos not real time, its look not nice.
This time, I trying to use Manual mode but after spending sometime to adjust the setting, I ended up switch the other mode to Scene > Night scene, Candlelight mode and some of the night mode ( I feel so bad because I can't apply the knowledge) but I forgive myself for that because this is my first time shooting at night that had very low light, so I cannot expect myself to automatically know the setting. Need extra effort for this.
By the way, enjoy the photo..

Outfit Diary: White crochet shirt + Blue jeans

This is my second outfit yesterday. I pairing the white crochet and blue jeans and that never fail me.
I went to Floria Putrajaya twice so I need to change my outfit obviously and wear something that appropriate and comfortable for night time. I was wearing my crochet shirt that I bought for RM5 on vintage shop, previously I share how I style this crochet shirt here, feel free to check it.
This time, I went casual with it by wearing white spaghetti strap shirt  inside white crochet shirt and wearing my favorite pair of jeans from Giordano. Since I go out at night and I am going to move around a lot so I bring my backpack bag that I bought at Bandung last year and at the same time, I can keep my belonging safely without worry.
Nowadays, you may realize there no raining and we always feel so hot until night so I think the great crochet shirt is really good for this moment and at the same time, you still can feel cold without expose any skin.
What do you think of this pairing?

Floria Putrajaya 2014 [ Garden Theme wedding]

The excited part is here! 
I make the special post on this because I really love it!
The garden theme wedding inspiration for those those getting married soon or very soon.
I really love wedding because of the decorations, details and most of that, its a event for two big family to gather to celebrate the creation of new family. This year, some of my friends getting married and that really excite me because I witness their big day and see their happiness. I am so happy to involve in their wedding. The end of this year, I got big project on wedding but I wont reveal it now because I want to make it first and reveal to you here for sure, please wait ya! 
Yesterday, my friends said " My face is totally change when I enter the garden wedding section, I seem sooo happy", really? hahaha.. I have to admit that, I am happy to see beautiful thing especially beautiful wedding decorations.haha
Let's get some inspiration on your wedding..

Floria Putrajaya 2014 { Day time}

Yesterday was awesome! As you can see on my previous post, here. I went to Floria Putrajaya 2014, event that full of awesomeness and beautiful things, this event is perfect for outfit shooting(hahhaha...this only for people like me) and skill up your photography skill . I am so glad I can apply my little photography skill and knowledge yesterday and I realized that I need to learn more about photography, never give up!
 You may think, how come I become photography and poser at the same time?hahaaa. My friend, Anizan help me press the shutter button and I am the one that adjust the setting. How funny is right? hahhaa..That my dream, I want to become photographer and poser at the same time. Possible right?hahaha..I really love to capture the beautiful things around me so when I go back home, I can show it to my parent and show them how beautiful is the world. Speaking of home, I can wait to going back home now..
Since I can't going back home now, I will share my experience at Floria Putrajaya with all my family and friends online, hope you like the photo and can feel the awesomeness of this event.

Enjoy ya!


Outfit Diary : Baby blue skirt + White shirt

Photo by Anizan Mansor

Happy Saturday!!
I love Saturday so much because I can do anything what I want obviously..haha
Today, my Saturday is more special because I went to Putrajaya Floria 2014, the most awaiting event for me. I love flowers and beautiful garden so there no doubt I am so so excited about this annual event. This year theme is Begonias but I don't really care much about that as long as its beautiful and catch my eyes.
Last year, the theme is orchid, so its exciting to see what is Begonias actually ( I don't know what is that!). This event is from 14th ~ 22 June 2014. So, if you have time, please go there and be ready to drowning on the beautiful things but the parking a bit hard (maybe because its first day today).


{Outfits Diary} : Emerald green skirt [ Saturday is great alone day]

Since Saturday is my holiday so its time to focus on what I really love in my life. I love clothes, skirt and most of all, I love beautiful things..haha. I love every single things that I ever had in my life. When I am in early 20s, I always wished for whatever people had, I wish to have other people life, their closet, everything is about what other people had. I never appreciate a little thing that I ever had. My things is not much or fancy like other thing but now I learned that,I must appreciate whatever I had because that's my life. This month, some of my friends, neighbors or people that I know getting married, I am so happy for them because they found what God already made for them and I wish them happy life. Some people asking me when I am getting married? When I heard this question, I just laughing because I feel funny, I never thought people going to ask me this questions, I forget I am already 26 years old..haha. Okay, here the answer for people that keep asking me the questions.

{Outfits Diary} : Mini collection of full midi skirt

Happy Saturday!
If you  ever visited my blog, you may realized how crazy am I over midi skirt for this moment. Most of my outfits is about my full midi skirt ( look boring but I like it). From what i remember, I start to obsessed with it last year after I went to Vietnam and start from that, I am totally into it until this moment. During my trip to Vietnam, I bought my first midi skirt at street of Hanoi and I still remember how hard to buy it from the Vietnamese salesgirl, she don't understand what I am talking about..hahaha but I managed to bought it. I miss the moment I walking by myself in the Hanoi street, the street look so beautiful and at the same time, its quite scary because I am alone plus I am a girl but I am adventurous girl and I am so brave to walking alone on the street. I love that side of me! When I went to Ho Chi Minh city, I become craziest  because I even find so many there. Lately, I bought two pieces at Times Square mall, Malaysia, which really make me happy and I feel like I am the happiest girl for this moment..hahaha, its just simple thing but I am happy! Out of two of my collection, I make my own full midi skirt, can you guess which two?hahahha...
Let's take a look of my mini collection.


Outfit Diary: White Love

Photo by Suzanne Lim
Happy Sunday!
And I still wanna say " Selamat Hari Gawai, Tadau Kaamatan & Kebana for all Sarawakian and Sabahan. Since today its special day and starting of June 2014(omg..its June already!), I should wearing something beautiful to make sure I can feel the happpy aura from Sarawak..hahaha. I always love white and you can never go wrong with your white outfits, you should invest on any white outfit especially white t-shirt but what I  think its very challenging when come to take care of it. My sisters always nagging at me because I love to buy white stuff/clothes and I always don't know how to take care of it,..haha, I am really trying my best to take care of my white stuff/clothes for this moment. I love them so much!
What I really love about my outfits today is the blouse!!! For me, it look soooo gorgeous and love the design of the shoulder. This design is the one that I searching for, for a very long time. The skirt? Don't ever ever ask me about it.ahhaha, I am in love and totally deep in love with the midi circle skirt. I am buying it in any color now since I can't make one, I wanted to have as many as I can buy..hahaha. This skirt really make me excited and always make me look forward of my next day,its really make me happy when think of myself wearing it, how funny is that? More funny is I am giggling over it after I bought it, my friend think I am weird, totally weird. Before this, I trying to find this kind of skirt in Malaysia but I can't find one ( they always expensive if I found one) and I am travelling outside Malaysia to buy this kind of skirt and I am so glad its already available here now.
Enjoy my photos ( not really in good quality because I move a lot!hahhaa..I am so happy with my outfit today). For me, when you wearing what you love, you should be happy and when you happy, you'll look so beautiful! 
What do you think of this outfits?

Outfit Diary: Peachy Carriage dress [ One day KL trip]

Photo By Elite Mering

Happy Saturday!
And...." Selamat Hari Gawai & Tadau Kaamatan" for all Sarawakian and Sabahan people. I know, you guys had a good time now..and special wishes for Kenyah people, "SELAMAT KEBANA"..I really hope that I am celebrate it now, its Kenyah pride and I will never forget it. I hope you had a great celebration and always take care of yourself and family. Have fun in a good way, okay?
Today,  I went to Kuala Lumpur again..hahhaaa.At first, I planned with my friend to visit attraction places like Sultan Abdul Samad Building, National Monument and nearby attractions. Unfortunately, its rainy day. At first, we went to Bukit Bintang and for the first time, I entered the H&M( Malaysia) store..hahhaa, I wish for it very long time, finally! My wish come true! When we went to Bukit Bintang area, we cannot capture any photos because the city is look so messy because of the MRT construction and people just so many and the street just feel so "sempit". I can't even to take out my camera..Mission to learn street photography is failed! Totally failed..But, don't be sad, we managed to capture few photos only.
For my outfit today, I wear my simple one piece dress that I bought last year at Bandung  but never had chance to wear it to anywhere yet with my Keds sneakers ( first..) and then, my favorite sandals from Vincci( after I feel my feet so painful, the tiny feet feel so painful) and not to forget, my trusty Mango shopper bag. Thanks to my friend because she willing to explore the KL area with me even though we get lost at Bukit Bintang..ahahha, what a funny moment! We are Malaysian and lived here but we still get lost!ahhahhaha..
I really enjoy my simple one day trip at KL today, I didn't managed to visit my wish places to visit but its okay, at least I spent my precious time with my dear friend! 
Enjoy the photos..