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My first street photos


Photo by Anizan Mansor

Don't overdose with my post today..haha
I make so many post  today since I will be busy during week day so this the only way, I can catch up on my blog. I can choose to make post during week day but I choose to not do that. But,that usually happen if there any topic that I wanted to share. For my experience and my passion topic, I choose to do it on weekend. I think its better like that.
This time, I wanted to share my craziness over mango(fruit) not the Mango( handbag or any..). I love it so much and I can eat up to 10 at one times because I really love it, that make me sick last time. This is my first time drink the mango juice that why I am so excited to share it with you guys. I never know there Mango juice..haha,the taste its just like a mango..hahaha. What a perfect drink on a sunny day like this. Plus, another dream come true. The dream is to take a photo on the street, middle of road, traffic light. What a weird dream of mine. Yesterday, my friends make my dream come true.Yay! Thanks for make my dream come true. This dream may look so small, funny or not even hard to make it come true but still I can say it, dream come true.What is the dream of yours that you even dare to make it come true? Make it come true now!

Here I present to you the Nasi Kerabu. What I remember about Nasi Kerabu is the blue rice, I don't know how they make the rice look blue? Totally no idea.haha but taste yummy!!!

Here the dream that I told you.
I should take many photo on the street from now on. I love the feeling..hahhaa

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

Hope you have a nice day!!!


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