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Floria Putrajaya 2014 [ Garden Theme wedding]

The excited part is here! 
I make the special post on this because I really love it!
The garden theme wedding inspiration for those those getting married soon or very soon.
I really love wedding because of the decorations, details and most of that, its a event for two big family to gather to celebrate the creation of new family. This year, some of my friends getting married and that really excite me because I witness their big day and see their happiness. I am so happy to involve in their wedding. The end of this year, I got big project on wedding but I wont reveal it now because I want to make it first and reveal to you here for sure, please wait ya! 
Yesterday, my friends said " My face is totally change when I enter the garden wedding section, I seem sooo happy", really? hahaha.. I have to admit that, I am happy to see beautiful thing especially beautiful wedding decorations.haha
Let's get some inspiration on your wedding..

My super happy face when I saw this..haha

Directly take photo with it.haha

Oh God! The details is so gorgeous. From my opinion, this kind of pelamin is ideal for someone that want to do wedding on day and night time, its look perfect. Plus, its all white..(pretend to fainted..haha)

My day dreaming is here...

I am so excited whenever I went here..feel like I am walking on heaven..haha

I am the princess of God..

What a perfect spot to take photo but feel hot..haha

Ready, smile!!

Am I amazed with this TV or the photography?
I amazed with the photography for sure because I know, TV SONY is the best.
Don't trust me, visit here :

How cool this entrance..can I make mine like this?hahaha

For all my friends that already getting married!

The perfect wedding is outdoor wedding. You can feel the mother nature and you can feel love.

How excited am I on this? I really need to follow my passion and dream now, never think of what people will think of me. First, think carefully before decide anything.

Lastly, special quote from my beauty idol for the unmarried girls.
Never settle for less..
Love yourself before you love others..

Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog.

See you on another post.

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