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Floria Putrajaya 2014 ( Night )


I am still in mode to share my photos and experience at Floria Putrajaya 2014. Please be patient ya..haha
If you never know what event is this, you can visit their website/Facebook here:  
Yesterday, I also went there during night because I want to see the view during night., this time I went with my housemate, Gen. We planned to go to Alamanda to watch movie but there no seat available for us, so I ended up buying pop corn and bring my housemate see the Floria at night. Last year, I don't have chance to see the night view because I flight back to Sarawak to visit my father at Hospital Sibu.
Personally for beginner photographer like me, shooting at night is the biggest challenge because photography is all about light. To have a good photo, you need to have a good lighting and know the appropriate setting for that light. During night time, there not much light and I don't want use flash because its make the photos not real time, its look not nice.
This time, I trying to use Manual mode but after spending sometime to adjust the setting, I ended up switch the other mode to Scene > Night scene, Candlelight mode and some of the night mode ( I feel so bad because I can't apply the knowledge) but I forgive myself for that because this is my first time shooting at night that had very low light, so I cannot expect myself to automatically know the setting. Need extra effort for this.
By the way, enjoy the photo..

Meet my housemate, Gen.

I feel so inspired when I went to wedding garden section. I want my wedding also like this, two style but same settings.I don't know what I talking about...hahha
or I want plan wedding for my friends like this. Friends, please let me know if you interested..hahaa

I don't know what would be the feeling when you sit on this on real wedding?
I don't dare to talk about that..out of scope!

I always amazed with the wedding details.

Here is the firework!!! Can I wish for firework for my birthday this year?hahahhahahaa

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the photos.
Thank You!


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