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Outfit Diary: Peachy Carriage dress [ One day KL trip]

Photo By Elite Mering

Happy Saturday!
And...." Selamat Hari Gawai & Tadau Kaamatan" for all Sarawakian and Sabahan people. I know, you guys had a good time now..and special wishes for Kenyah people, "SELAMAT KEBANA"..I really hope that I am celebrate it now, its Kenyah pride and I will never forget it. I hope you had a great celebration and always take care of yourself and family. Have fun in a good way, okay?
Today,  I went to Kuala Lumpur again..hahhaaa.At first, I planned with my friend to visit attraction places like Sultan Abdul Samad Building, National Monument and nearby attractions. Unfortunately, its rainy day. At first, we went to Bukit Bintang and for the first time, I entered the H&M( Malaysia) store..hahhaa, I wish for it very long time, finally! My wish come true! When we went to Bukit Bintang area, we cannot capture any photos because the city is look so messy because of the MRT construction and people just so many and the street just feel so "sempit". I can't even to take out my camera..Mission to learn street photography is failed! Totally failed..But, don't be sad, we managed to capture few photos only.
For my outfit today, I wear my simple one piece dress that I bought last year at Bandung  but never had chance to wear it to anywhere yet with my Keds sneakers ( first..) and then, my favorite sandals from Vincci( after I feel my feet so painful, the tiny feet feel so painful) and not to forget, my trusty Mango shopper bag. Thanks to my friend because she willing to explore the KL area with me even though we get lost at Bukit Bintang..ahahha, what a funny moment! We are Malaysian and lived here but we still get lost!ahhahhaha..
I really enjoy my simple one day trip at KL today, I didn't managed to visit my wish places to visit but its okay, at least I spent my precious time with my dear friend! 
Enjoy the photos..

My awkward face because I am the only one take photo here for this moment, feel so awkward because everyone seems lookin at me..haha

Today, there celebration of Batman (75 years) at Pavilion Mall, I am not rally excited because I like Spiderman more..haha, thinking of handsome Andrew now( sorry Emma..hehe)

Searching for backdrop for photo today quite challenging and the lighthing here also not really good but I love this backdrop because its same like my house "dinding" at my village. Its exactly the same you know! I need to take photos with my "dinding" next time.

Here is my shameless face during take photo of myself, there so many car in front of me this time, but still managed to do like this. I am shameless when it come to what I love.

My trusty shop bag/office bag..I put so many inside her today, sorry unnie!

Trying to make my arms look smaller..haha

Before we went to Bukit Bintang, we had our lunch at Kenanga Wholesale city(KWC) food court, we love Chinese food there, yummy! I ate rice for 3rd time this week already.. I am starving!hahahha..

My old time favorite, Pearl Milk Tea from Cha Time. The taste still the same and still can make me smile..

Yummy food that can make my tummy happy!!!

Finally, I present you my happiest thing today.. Finally, I move on from typical all black sunglasses to something that so fresh and I love it to death now..hahha
Take care my dear friends!


Estelle Paya

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