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Outfit Diary: Stripped black shirt + Black Midi skirt [ Orange wall]

Happy Sunday my dear friends!
Today, I am so excited to share my story with you guys. Before that, promise to not laugh at me okay?
This morning, when I arrived at church with my lovely friend, Elyss, I directly told her "look at the wall, they paint it with brand new color,yay!", I seem just excited to see the wall but not go to church, but the truth is I am more excited to go to church, its my heavenly father's place,if you curious to see you previous color of the wall,you can see here and here ( I took many outfit photo on the wall..haha). Thanks to the owner of the shop, you are the part of this craziness..haha. Honestly, I am totally into the beautiful wall for this moment and you probably know the reason, its so obvious..hahaha.
Okay, move on to my outfit today. I was wearing my black midi skirt that I was wearing for quite many time already. This skirt is one of the skirt that make me so passionate to take photo of my outfit, its contribute a lot during my early craziness..haha. After for so long I make it rest and finally, I wearing it again today and it never fail me. I really love it! You can see the previous pairing of this midi black skirt, here and also here ( this is my first outfit shoot with my friend, Elyss on November 2013).

 Today, I pairing my black midi skirt with my new stripped black shirt that I bought with very cheap price, RM8 at outside EconSave, I love pretty shirt in lowest price..haha, to vamp up my shirt, I add my white+gold statement necklace that I bought at Vietnam last year and complete! Just simple as that!
Since I love the orange wall so much so I will post another article on orange wall..haha, can I?

So many people pass by so here the result, my awkward face..haha

Trying to do the typical serious face..errr

Try to not look at camera..just focus on the necklace ya!hahaa

But, I love the camera..I can't take my eyes on you..haha

I'm sorry for this photo, I stand above "longkang" with beautiful wall and come out with this pose. Plus, my skirt is blowing with the natural wind. Love it!

Another skirt blowing pose..but quite dangerous there lady!ahhahaa..ignore it!

That all about my outfit diary and another post will continue with the same outfit and same wall but one difference is _______. If you want to know, please visit my next post ya!

Today, I am so grateful for my day because I learned so much again and again about myself. I am not perfect and good daughter of God, I am still learning and try my best to be one. God, please guide me and always give me strength to face this world. There nothing I can control in this life but GOD can.
Last but not least, take care of yourself and love people around you also don't forget to show to people that you love the most,how you much you love them.

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