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Outfit Diary : Baby blue skirt + White shirt

Photo by Anizan Mansor

Happy Saturday!!
I love Saturday so much because I can do anything what I want obviously..haha
Today, my Saturday is more special because I went to Putrajaya Floria 2014, the most awaiting event for me. I love flowers and beautiful garden so there no doubt I am so so excited about this annual event. This year theme is Begonias but I don't really care much about that as long as its beautiful and catch my eyes.
Last year, the theme is orchid, so its exciting to see what is Begonias actually ( I don't know what is that!). This event is from 14th ~ 22 June 2014. So, if you have time, please go there and be ready to drowning on the beautiful things but the parking a bit hard (maybe because its first day today).

 Let's talk about my outfits today, I was wearing my easy breezy baby blue skirts, I really love the style  because its remind me of my school uniform, I never had a chance to wear it because that time, I already insecure about my body and I know this skirt will looking good on photo because there will be so many colorful things so to make myself "pop" in that situation so I wearing plain color ( I don't know whether this theory is correct..haha). What I love about this skirt is I can move around easily and look not to formal for this kind of event but more to look casual, love it! and my white shirt is always the right pairing for this kind of skirt. My minty bag always the loyal one.Special thanks to my friends, Anizan and her sister. Thanks ya for accompany me! 
Enjoy the photos..

I wish I can go here any time for my outfits shoot, I will give my best pose.. :)

I'm so excited so I can't hold my laugh..haha

Revealing my happy face..haha

Time to explore another garden..

This actually my test shoot but its come out nice..haha

Playing with my skirt.. I was wearing my favorite sandals..

This minty bag always there for me...I feel no other bag that can compete it for this moment.

I'm glad about the weather nice!!

My tired face and legs after walking non-stop since morning..ahaahah but still I'm excited and happy!

Last not least, my funny face for you guys!hahahaa

Stay updated for part 2..I got so many photos to share with you guys!!


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