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{Outfits Diary} : Emerald green skirt [ Saturday is great alone day]

Since Saturday is my holiday so its time to focus on what I really love in my life. I love clothes, skirt and most of all, I love beautiful things..haha. I love every single things that I ever had in my life. When I am in early 20s, I always wished for whatever people had, I wish to have other people life, their closet, everything is about what other people had. I never appreciate a little thing that I ever had. My things is not much or fancy like other thing but now I learned that,I must appreciate whatever I had because that's my life. This month, some of my friends, neighbors or people that I know getting married, I am so happy for them because they found what God already made for them and I wish them happy life. Some people asking me when I am getting married? When I heard this question, I just laughing because I feel funny, I never thought people going to ask me this questions, I forget I am already 26 years old..haha. Okay, here the answer for people that keep asking me the questions.

For me, I am not ready for any commitment for this moment, or in simple word, I feel  that, there no people can make me truly happy and I know only God, family and friends can make me truly happy and love other people other than myself is the hardest thing I ever done so I wanted to love myself first before love other because I believe by doing that I can love other people truly and sincerely.  I sound like I am full of myself, yes! I am. I am full of myself now. I have nothing but I love myself. Now, I choose to have a good relationship with God, myself, family, friends and my dreams or even my job. I don't want to be a women that waiting for my prince charming make me happy but I want make myself happy! But, most of all, I surrender everything  in God's hand and I know, when the time come, it'll be in the right time and right places, so why so rushing. Now, I am just focusing on what I love and what I am really wanted in my life. My effort may look so pathetic or not even had a chances, but I believe that, just do what I love and when I am happy, that my great success in my dream.
Opps..sorry for bragging of my life here.hahha, let's see my newest full midi skirt in the house. On previous post, here I already reveal this gorgeous skirt. This time, I will show you how to style this emerald green full midi skirt.

Style #1 : Pink stripped shirt 
What I love about full midi skirt is I can wear any shirt with it. Sometime, its look not matching but love to experiment. 

Look bigger here..hahhaa, nevermind...ahhaha

Style #2 : Black long sleeve shirt
Black shirt is never fail you! You can match it with most of your outfit. If the color of skirt too loud, just match it with black and everything will be okay. hehhe..

 For tomorrow outfits, here the sneak peak.You already seen me with this clothes before and I love the sunglasses!

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