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{Outfits Diary} : Mini collection of full midi skirt

Happy Saturday!
If you  ever visited my blog, you may realized how crazy am I over midi skirt for this moment. Most of my outfits is about my full midi skirt ( look boring but I like it). From what i remember, I start to obsessed with it last year after I went to Vietnam and start from that, I am totally into it until this moment. During my trip to Vietnam, I bought my first midi skirt at street of Hanoi and I still remember how hard to buy it from the Vietnamese salesgirl, she don't understand what I am talking about..hahaha but I managed to bought it. I miss the moment I walking by myself in the Hanoi street, the street look so beautiful and at the same time, its quite scary because I am alone plus I am a girl but I am adventurous girl and I am so brave to walking alone on the street. I love that side of me! When I went to Ho Chi Minh city, I become craziest  because I even find so many there. Lately, I bought two pieces at Times Square mall, Malaysia, which really make me happy and I feel like I am the happiest girl for this moment..hahaha, its just simple thing but I am happy! Out of two of my collection, I make my own full midi skirt, can you guess which two?hahahha...
Let's take a look of my mini collection.

Not to forget to take a "family" photo with all this gorgeous ladies!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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