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Outfit Diary: White Love

01 June 2014

Photo by Suzanne Lim
Happy Sunday!
And I still wanna say " Selamat Hari Gawai, Tadau Kaamatan & Kebana for all Sarawakian and Sabahan. Since today its special day and starting of June 2014(omg..its June already!), I should wearing something beautiful to make sure I can feel the happpy aura from Sarawak..hahaha. I always love white and you can never go wrong with your white outfits, you should invest on any white outfit especially white t-shirt but what I  think its very challenging when come to take care of it. My sisters always nagging at me because I love to buy white stuff/clothes and I always don't know how to take care of it,..haha, I am really trying my best to take care of my white stuff/clothes for this moment. I love them so much!
What I really love about my outfits today is the blouse!!! For me, it look soooo gorgeous and love the design of the shoulder. This design is the one that I searching for, for a very long time. The skirt? Don't ever ever ask me about it.ahhaha, I am in love and totally deep in love with the midi circle skirt. I am buying it in any color now since I can't make one, I wanted to have as many as I can buy..hahaha. This skirt really make me excited and always make me look forward of my next day,its really make me happy when think of myself wearing it, how funny is that? More funny is I am giggling over it after I bought it, my friend think I am weird, totally weird. Before this, I trying to find this kind of skirt in Malaysia but I can't find one ( they always expensive if I found one) and I am travelling outside Malaysia to buy this kind of skirt and I am so glad its already available here now.
Enjoy my photos ( not really in good quality because I move a lot!hahhaa..I am so happy with my outfit today). For me, when you wearing what you love, you should be happy and when you happy, you'll look so beautiful! 
What do you think of this outfits?

I am wearing flat instead of heels today because my legs feel painful after walking around KL yesterday, so pretty and fierce flat is really save my day!

Before I end my post today, I want to share one clear instruction how to have a peace in our life. Let's learn together to have a peace in our life. I am in progress too and so far so good and honest speaking, sometime the progress is not good but let's try our best! Never give up!
1. Rejoice always - Give thanks and praise God continually in any situation. Choose to give positive response in any situation in your life.

2. Live in moderation - eat and drink well, sleep and exercise in good quantity, balance work and play, manage you alone time and people time very well. A life of moderation is not happen accident but it requires intentional choices. It requires thinking about what you do before you act. It requires making plans and following through on them. It requires making choices for health ad sticking with them.

3.  Turn all of your concerns into prayer - Go to God any time you have a problem, need, nagging questions, or pressing decision. Go to God with choices big and small. Go to God when you are frustrated, angry or hurt. Don't worry-pray!! Worry doesn't solve anything but prayer can move mountain ( Matthew 17:20). Prayer is vital to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

4. Choose to dwell on thoughts that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, things of good report, things of virtue and things that are praiseworthy. - Take charge of what you ponder, talk about, and remember. Look for the positive side of a situation or person and set your mental energies in that direction.

5. Choose to follow the examples of godly people -  Do what you have learned, received or heard from people who live whole, stress-free, God honoring lives.

[Sources] Dare to Dream - Paula White

My personal favorite of this instruction is no.3. Hope this will help you a lot! Never give up in your dreams and keep moving positively in your life. Plus, my favorite singers for this moment is Daft Punk. Really love their Random Access Memories album. You should try listen to it.

Thanks for visiting and read my blog.

God bless you,
Estelle Paya

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