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This dream is killing me..

Go after your dreams. Others who tell you that you can't is only motivation and proof that they don't want you to get far in your life. You can always do what you set your mind to.

As photo above well said, I don't know if I should agree with that statement or not!
I let go my dream man because I matter about what others think of it. I feel really insecure of myself, in my mind I always think like this "who am I to begging for love". Just like that, I let it go my dream man even though deep down inside my heart I really want it but I don't want to be selfish for the whole of my life, so the good way is just let it go and life in the way other think. What a wrong decision in my life so far. I really don't know whether I can called that as one of my wrong decision in my life or the good decision ever I made in my life.
To moving on with that old matter, let's take a bright side " Its the good decision ever I made in my life to let go and move forward".
Being young is hard because we have a lot of choice how to live, who to live with and all that choices is have their own advantages and disadvantages. Bad news, it will impact of your life forever. Once you make a wrong choice, you'll cry and feel so regret with it but don't worry, always see on the bright side even though you in the darkness.
I really don't know why I am willing to live in what people think of me! I am so sick of that but I am not sure why? Maybe because of my culture? I love my culture so much but some of it really annoyed me sometime, seem like no freedom to pursue whatever you wanted. Your parent will totally disagree with you and most of the time, they are right or am I to weak to achieve the big dream?
 I don't want to live the same way forever and ever! I need to make myself different than others people that I ever know. I sound like crazy women or can I called that " who are you to dream that way?".
I don't care what people will called about me, I really don't care! I will live on my own world and make my family happy, that's all! 
I will keep do whatever I loved and feel happy about! What people think of me, I really don't care unless it can make me improve than should be okay. For whatever that make me wonder, this dream is killing me now? I will pretend that I never know that.
I wanted to be "SELFISH" when come to my big dreams! Its nothing for you but its really matter for me.
For dreamer out there, keep dreaming and work hard to make it come true!!



Outfit Ideas: How to style shirtdress?

Photo credits to

Hi there!
I don't know when will I stop wishing over clothes..haha
I always have new wish for clothes. I love it so much, you know!
This time, I wish for shirtdress. Obviously, its combination of shirt and dress. How awesome its that right?
Last time, you already saw me wearing shirtdress, here and here.
I got that shirtdress at vintage shop so the quality is already not really good. That why, I still wished that I can own my brand new shirtdress. Maybe, I can go for white color, black color or denim?? Why I choose that 3 color? For me, that color is very easy to match with anything.
Before I go buy it, I need to know, how to style this shirtdress? 

Keriitleto Kitchen : Resepi Ketam goreng telur masin

Hello Kawan-kawan!
Hari ini sangat istimewa kerana saya akan kongsikan resipi " Ketam goreng ikan masin". 
Pernah makan sebelum ini? Kalau pernah, mesti anda teringat kesedapannya lagi, betul tidak? Kali ini, anda tidak perlu pergi ke restorant untuk makan ketam goreng ikan masin lagi, anda boleh menyediakan sendiri.
Semalam, kami merayakan hari jadi salah seorang teman serumah saya dan ini salah satu menu kami.Walaupun saya menjadi pembantu sahaja semalam tetapi tidak apa, saya termasuk juga dalam proses penyediaan..haha. 
Tanpa membuang masa...mari mencuba resipi ini!

Outfit diary: Its a black day

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Sunday my dear friends!
Life is full of challenges and I believed that, every challenge is to test how strong is our faith in God.
As you may know, our country is facing the big challenge again. Its MH17 tragedy! The sorrow of the MH370 tragedy is not over yet and here come another tragedy. Seems like 2014 is really challenging years for our country. Whatever is your religion, please pray for our country, pray for our leaders to be strong to face and handle any issue in our country. Also, our prayers goes to all the family, friends of the crews and passengers of the airlines. 
Together we gather in our prayers during this sorrow and hard time. Together we will stand together to face this big challenge for our country. We may not directly handling the issue, what we can do is keep Malaysia in our prayers.

Keriitleto Kitchen : Resepi Udang goreng butter

***Late sharing recipe**
Hi kawan-kawan,Seterusnya, saya akan kongsikan resipi udang goreng butter.Saya rasa, resipi ini hampir sama dengan Ketam goreng telur masin tetapi yang membezakannya adalah udang goreng butter tidak memerlukan telur masin. Bercakap mengenai telur masin, mesti anda perasan saya telah salah letak nama resipi dalam Facebook..haha, saya letak " Ketam goreng ikan masin". Bukan ikan masin ya, telur masin! Maafkan saya mengenai itu..terima kasih kepada kawan saya yang perasan..terima kasih!Okay, jangan buang masa lagi! Mari kita sama-sama belajar menyediakan udang goreng butter.


{Outfits Ideas} : White Cut off shoulder dress

Hi there!
I can't sleep now because I drinking my Caffe' latte just now. I can't resist the wonderful the taste? But, my eyes can't sleep now. So, to make myself busy by pinning again ( my favorite hobby now..haha)
This time, I'm so in love with white cut off shoulder dress. I can't wait to have one!hahaha..
I can wear it whenever I feel so lazy to "dress up". Just grab this dress and pair it with my sling back..ohh! Wonderful day ahead!hahaha.. I imagine too much already. I think I will look wonderful and comfortable..hahaha or I look like mad aunty? hehee..
I buy this, I think I will not waste my money. Why I said so?
See my 5 reason below :
1. I can wear this many times with many styles. 
Example : Informal way, I will wear it with sneakers ( any color, that why I love white) and my trusty sling bag ( I should have one now..haha).
In formal way, I can wear with heels as below..haha and pair with some appropriate accessories.

2. If I'm tired of it, I can cut it off and make as a shirt and another one is skirt ( DIY in my mind..haha)

3. If I just boring with the plain design, I can add some lace on it. ( DIY again..hehe).

4. Its so wonderful when you wearing this on the beach..hahhaa

5. You no need to worry about all the your lovely "fat" whenever wear this. It cover it all..

I think, its worth it to buy one pair..hihi ( evil laugh..)
But, I cant find one yet..too bad!

Street Style
Photo source :

Hope to see this kind of dress soon..hehe
Once I found one, I will never hide..haha
For this moment, I enjoying wearing my white shirtdress, you can see here.

Before I end, what do you think of this dress? Do you think its worth it to buy one?


{Bangi Spot} : Tutti Frutti, Bandar Baru Bangi

Happy Thursday!
I opened my HD and I found these wonderful photos of me and my friends at Tutti Frutti last year ( 2013).Opps..quite late for posting and talk about this here..haha. But, there its okay right?
Maybe, some of you already taste the Tutti Frutti and its yummy right?
For those who not try yet, the taste feel like ice cream but I feel its smoother and I think its made from yogurt right?hahha..I'm not really sure. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
I having good time living here and I am grateful for having friends from Sarawak too. So, I can always feel like a home whenever with them. I can talk so much Sarawak thing with them..hahaha, example is Kolok Mee, how craving am I on that now..Okay, for now..let's take of my good memories with my dear friends.


{West Malaysia} : Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great Monday or you been sleepy all day? I know you watching the final of world cup..haha.
But, world cup fever is over now so no more sleepless night for football lover. Congrats to Germany team for winning World Cup 2014! I'm not a fan of football but I enjoying seeing handsome guys on the field and kick the ball..haha(typical football girl fan).
Today, I wanted to share some of photo that I shoot at Taman Saujana Hijau last Saturday.
I'm really enjoying capturing images lately. If can, I want capture all things around me everyday. I really love to learn and practice it right way! 
Let's see the result and please let me know, what do you think?

Sunway Lagoon Outing

Photo By Norisan Usun
This is really really late post.
I wanted to share some of picture when I went to Sunway Lagoon and I only go there once in my life.hahahahha. Actually this picture is old picture of mine.
I went with one of my very best friend. I still remember the bright day..ahaha. Good day to play on water.
Maybe you realized I always do the throwback and very late post on my blog. The reason behind the all throwback is I want to keep all my picture. I scared that one day my laptop or hard disk will "sick" so in case of anything, better I back up all the best pictures first. If you have any suggestions to keep all the picture, let me know. I don't know..huhu
I think we went to here during my training day..arghh! The old days..ahhaha. Now, my best friend already get married and as for me, still enjoying life.

{Real DIY} : How to make kudusama Origami flower [Updated]

Hello my dear friends!
I wanted to share the updated steps on how to make Kudusama origami flower. Last time, I did make one but its look so complicated!hahaha..Sorry for that! This time, I promise its very simple.
Don't forget to try ya, its fun and easy!

Outfit Diary: Gray shirt + Black dress | Taman Saujana Hijau,Putrajaya

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Saturday my dear friends!
Today, I feel so grateful for another day in my life. Life is full of unavoidable problem or obstacles but I find calm in God's arm. Weekend is a great day to forgot all the 99 problems in our life, don't add another problem on this weekend ya! 
I just discover one places that I must fall in love with . Its "Taman Saujana Hijau". Have you heard of this park before? I found about this park through the booklet that I received during the Floria Putrajaya 2014. I never know Putrajaya got another park beside Botanical park and Wetland park ( I am quite frequent visitor here last time..haha).
 Sadly, we went there at 6pm and its will be closed at 7pm, for your info,this park is open daily  start from 7am ~ 7pm. You can pay visit here anytime you want except night :)
Since we have a very limited time, we a bit rushing to do the shoot here and we cant managed to see all the places. Next time, I will go here again. Find the greatest spot for take photo and at the same time, take a look of green environment and feel the fresh air. 
Today, I wearing my black skirt and I think I'm fall for gray t-shirt. I got this shirt for me and my brother, I can't wait to share the photo of us with it next time.
Without any further a do, let's take a look of my photo today.


{Real DIY} : Paper Origami Lily

Happy Saturday my dear friends!
Hope you have nice weekend so far. :)
As I promised on my Instagram, @estellepaya ( please follow me if you wanted to be my friends), I wanted to share one origami project with you guys.
I love to make origami these day because I feel like I can focus whenever I do this and I love to see the end result also. Previously, I do make my post regarding 5 Paper Origami ideas for Wedding Corsages & Boutonni√®res. Please check it and get inspired!
Without any further ado, I will share step by step how to make Paper origami lily.


Outfit Diary: Gray shirt and royal blue skirt [Blue wall]

Photos by Elyss Mering

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday!
Hope you have a good Sunday and please take care of your health as the weather getting hotter and keep hydrated by drinking more water and don't forget to wearing your skin protection if you going out!
On this lovely Sunday, I went to church and meet up with some friends that I haven't see about week due to my fever last week. I am so glad to see and eat together with them. Bonding time even though everyone is scroll down their own smartphone but we do talking face to face, this technology never ruin our communication so far. How about you ? 
Have you ever go out with your friends and they just staring their smartphone all the time?( Its frustrated right?)
Today, I wearing my favorite color, its royal blue! I can't resist any clothes or skirts in this color. I always love this color because it can match with everything that I owned. I never pairing royal blue with gray before and so today,experiment time! I am so surprised with the result. Its look so good on my eyes and I feel so confident with this pairing. What do you think?
I'm so glad that my loafers is matching color with my bad, I never realized that!hahhaa..
You may realized that, mostly of my outfit diary is wearing skirt, so I feel like I wanna share some tips on how to buying skirt on next post. Before that, enjoy photos today. :)


Outfit Diary: White shirtdress & Statement cap

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Weekend my dear friends!
How's your weekend? I hope you always had a great and fun weekend. Always do something good for your life ya! Have fun even though there so many challenges in this life.
This weekend, I accompany my dear friend, Elyss go to GM Klang Plaza, Chow Kit area to buying beads(manik-manik) for her Aunty. She always accompany me whenever I feel wanted to go before, so this time, its my turn to accompany her.  The GM Plaza is one kind of building that sell all the beaded things, watches, handbags and so many but you need to buy in wholesale ( buying many at one time). Good news, I did not spend a single cent here..hahha, its not because I'm not interested but I need to think before I buying. A lot of crafty thing, but I don't think I have time for that this time. I got my camera to playing around already..haha
If you are crafty person, I recommend you to go here.