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{Bangi Spot} : Tutti Frutti, Bandar Baru Bangi


Happy Thursday!
I opened my HD and I found these wonderful photos of me and my friends at Tutti Frutti last year ( 2013).Opps..quite late for posting and talk about this here..haha. But, there its okay right?
Maybe, some of you already taste the Tutti Frutti and its yummy right?
For those who not try yet, the taste feel like ice cream but I feel its smoother and I think its made from yogurt right?hahha..I'm not really sure. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
I having good time living here and I am grateful for having friends from Sarawak too. So, I can always feel like a home whenever with them. I can talk so much Sarawak thing with them..hahaha, example is Kolok Mee, how craving am I on that now..Okay, for now..let's take of my good memories with my dear friends.

Here is the entrance of the shop. I love the white theme.. :)

We're fan of SONY except one..hahhahaa

Lastly, me with my short hair last year. Oh my God! How fast the time pass by.. :(

Thank you!


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