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Outfit diary: Its a black day

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Sunday my dear friends!
Life is full of challenges and I believed that, every challenge is to test how strong is our faith in God.
As you may know, our country is facing the big challenge again. Its MH17 tragedy! The sorrow of the MH370 tragedy is not over yet and here come another tragedy. Seems like 2014 is really challenging years for our country. Whatever is your religion, please pray for our country, pray for our leaders to be strong to face and handle any issue in our country. Also, our prayers goes to all the family, friends of the crews and passengers of the airlines. 
Together we gather in our prayers during this sorrow and hard time. Together we will stand together to face this big challenge for our country. We may not directly handling the issue, what we can do is keep Malaysia in our prayers.

Move on to my outfit today, I love black outfit so much. The reason I love black is its can make me slimmed down instantly. But, lately, I don't feel that worked for me anymore.I gained so much weight this pass two years. My mum said because I am happy that why! But, I don't think so.I just love eating and not exercising now ( my reason is I feel scared to go out jogging alone..haha.), I need someone to go joging with me? Anyone can accompany me? Let's become jogging buddy!
Having fat so much nowadays make me feel so fed up whenever its come to dress up! That why I always choose to wear skirt and dark color ( I love bright color so much but not suit me at all nowadys..haha). I always feel lazy to wear any pant because its make me feel like "sausage". I hate my fat! ( Blame on me because I produced that fat..haha)
I am happy the way am I but when its come to outfits, its make feel so stress of this fat!
I believe every problem have their own solution. And this fat, have their solution. What I need to do is ask myself whether I willing to change or not?jeng jeng...

When you wearing all black, add some color on your outfits.

I must say here, I cannot help myself for getting weight..huhu

I'm thinking to change my hairstyles or hair color now, but I still not sure which one to go!
Short hair, curly hair or straight hair??
Wait for it next month ya!

Lastly, take care and always be ready!
Pray and be good to each others. 


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