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Outfit Ideas: How to style shirtdress?

20 July 2014

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Hi there!
I don't know when will I stop wishing over clothes..haha
I always have new wish for clothes. I love it so much, you know!
This time, I wish for shirtdress. Obviously, its combination of shirt and dress. How awesome its that right?
Last time, you already saw me wearing shirtdress, here and here.
I got that shirtdress at vintage shop so the quality is already not really good. That why, I still wished that I can own my brand new shirtdress. Maybe, I can go for white color, black color or denim?? Why I choose that 3 color? For me, that color is very easy to match with anything.
Before I go buy it, I need to know, how to style this shirtdress? 

I done some research and here is my ideas how to style it.
( In case of short length shirtdress)

1. Wear this shirtdress in casual and formal 
  • For casual, wear it with my flip flop/selipar jepun or flat shoes or even sneakers, then you ready to go around the town in chic way..haha ( I recommend don't put any belt because it will make the shirtdress is not look casual).
  • For formal, wear it with thin belt/your favorite belt and your favorite high heels, then you ready for your meeting!( I wished I can wear like this on my worksplace..ahaha). Remember! Don't wear the sheer or very short shirtdress at worksplace, its look inappropriate you know! Careful with the length and color when you wear in formal way!

2. Wear it with any other outfits or accessories
Example : 
-Leggings- The perfect match for this shirtdress, put belt on to emphasize you waist unless you're pregnant!
- Maxi skirt/midi skirt - Tuck in the shirtdress under the skirt and its brand new outfits.
-Short- also the best friends of shirtdress, tuck in other side and you look awesome!
- Any type of hat can go with it. 

3. Investment for future pregnant lady
Every girl will reach this stage so if you boring with your shirtdress for this moment, save it for your pregnant day ( No need to buy the new one that time..:))

4. Wear it with your favorite jacket. 
Make sure the length of your jacket is a bit shorter than your shirtdress.
Example : Military inspired jacket..

5. This shirtdress is really comfortable to wear whenever go to travel.

The shirtdress is not only available in short length, its also available in long version. In my opinion, the long version is only suit for casual wear.

Hope you enjoy and feel inspired to style the shirtdress after this!

Thank for visiting my blog!


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