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Outfit Diary: Gray shirt + Black dress | Taman Saujana Hijau,Putrajaya

13 July 2014

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Saturday my dear friends!
Today, I feel so grateful for another day in my life. Life is full of unavoidable problem or obstacles but I find calm in God's arm. Weekend is a great day to forgot all the 99 problems in our life, don't add another problem on this weekend ya! 
I just discover one places that I must fall in love with . Its "Taman Saujana Hijau". Have you heard of this park before? I found about this park through the booklet that I received during the Floria Putrajaya 2014. I never know Putrajaya got another park beside Botanical park and Wetland park ( I am quite frequent visitor here last time..haha).
 Sadly, we went there at 6pm and its will be closed at 7pm, for your info,this park is open daily  start from 7am ~ 7pm. You can pay visit here anytime you want except night :)
Since we have a very limited time, we a bit rushing to do the shoot here and we cant managed to see all the places. Next time, I will go here again. Find the greatest spot for take photo and at the same time, take a look of green environment and feel the fresh air. 
Today, I wearing my black skirt and I think I'm fall for gray t-shirt. I got this shirt for me and my brother, I can't wait to share the photo of us with it next time.
Without any further a do, let's take a look of my photo today.

Before that, let me take a selfie!hahhaaa..

Upon arrival on this park, I found this view..ohhhh! I feel so great already!

I borrow my friend handbag because its look matching with my outfits today.

I love this shoot so much! I feel great whenever see this..

This is the latest update of my hair..hahaha..its long already! Yay!!

Here is our photo today! Yay!

Before I end this post, I want to share the "BTS photo"..hahha

This is me whenever I in front of camera, I told my friend what kind of angle that I wanted..haha

Okay, let's go home now!

That's typical me whenever I got my own shoot, holding my handbag and also camera bag. I feel so good whenever do this. Can I do this everyday? Shoot photos everyday..what a good life!

Finally, here is my happy face whenever I am in my happy places.

Thank you for visiting my blog and read my story!
Hope you have a nice weekends!

Estelle Paya

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