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Outfit Diary: White shirtdress & Statement cap

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Weekend my dear friends!
How's your weekend? I hope you always had a great and fun weekend. Always do something good for your life ya! Have fun even though there so many challenges in this life.
This weekend, I accompany my dear friend, Elyss go to GM Klang Plaza, Chow Kit area to buying beads(manik-manik) for her Aunty. She always accompany me whenever I feel wanted to go before, so this time, its my turn to accompany her.  The GM Plaza is one kind of building that sell all the beaded things, watches, handbags and so many but you need to buy in wholesale ( buying many at one time). Good news, I did not spend a single cent here..hahha, its not because I'm not interested but I need to think before I buying. A lot of crafty thing, but I don't think I have time for that this time. I got my camera to playing around already..haha
If you are crafty person, I recommend you to go here. 

After GM Plaza, we just take a walk from that building to LRT station. So, this is my chance to take outfits diary shoot, yay! I am shameless when come to this. I can take photo anywhere, start from the street, middle of road, or any wall..hahha, thanks my friends, Elyss, she is so sporting, helpful and willing to take my photos. Today, I was wearing my white shirtdress, that I bought from vintage shop last time. I want to wear this because I know, the weather will be super hot out there, this shirtdress will save me from feeling super hot but its cannot help on my face, my face become red and luckily, I wearing the sunblock so I am not sunburn at all. Big welcome to my Converse sneakers( she make debut on the blog today), I make it rest so long already. I bought this sneakers last year at Bandung, Indonesia and its still my love. But, my feet is so "jangkang" so after wearing this shoes for very long time, my smallest feet will feel painful. And, the statement cap, Money cap, I bought it on the spot during our walking time. The weather is super hot when you walking on the street and I feel like my head going to explode and my luck, we found one tiny shop ( Hat Factory) and I saw this cap, so I grabbed it! hahaha..of course, it cheap..haha, I love cheap but beautiful thing, who doesn't right?. This cap really showing directly that I love money..hahha, everyone love money right? But, I always bear in my mind, don't ever make money become your master but be the money master instead. I am not at that level yet, but I will be one someday, very soon.. :)
Okay, enjoy my outfits diary photo today.

I really love this shoot because the Twin Towers building just above my head!hahah

I love the lighting here...hahah and of course, this money cap!

I am very scared of height and this bridge is really scared me, I can't even look down but I show my brave face here..haha

Keep hydrated during this hot weather! Have a sip of 100Plus..haha

Finally, here the my last shoot of me with my money cap...
I'm trying to look cool, how do I look?ahahhaha..
If yes, so I leave you guys with this photos and see you guys next time.

Have a nice weekend my dear friends!

Estelle Paya
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