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{Outfits Ideas} : White Cut off shoulder dress


Hi there!
I can't sleep now because I drinking my Caffe' latte just now. I can't resist the wonderful the taste? But, my eyes can't sleep now. So, to make myself busy by pinning again ( my favorite hobby now..haha)
This time, I'm so in love with white cut off shoulder dress. I can't wait to have one!hahaha..
I can wear it whenever I feel so lazy to "dress up". Just grab this dress and pair it with my sling back..ohh! Wonderful day ahead!hahaha.. I imagine too much already. I think I will look wonderful and comfortable..hahaha or I look like mad aunty? hehee..
I buy this, I think I will not waste my money. Why I said so?
See my 5 reason below :
1. I can wear this many times with many styles. 
Example : Informal way, I will wear it with sneakers ( any color, that why I love white) and my trusty sling bag ( I should have one now..haha).
In formal way, I can wear with heels as below..haha and pair with some appropriate accessories.

2. If I'm tired of it, I can cut it off and make as a shirt and another one is skirt ( DIY in my mind..haha)

3. If I just boring with the plain design, I can add some lace on it. ( DIY again..hehe).

4. Its so wonderful when you wearing this on the beach..hahhaa

5. You no need to worry about all the your lovely "fat" whenever wear this. It cover it all..

I think, its worth it to buy one pair..hihi ( evil laugh..)
But, I cant find one yet..too bad!

Street Style
Photo source :

Hope to see this kind of dress soon..hehe
Once I found one, I will never hide..haha
For this moment, I enjoying wearing my white shirtdress, you can see here.

Before I end, what do you think of this dress? Do you think its worth it to buy one?


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