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{Real DIY} : How to make kudusama Origami flower [Updated]

Hello my dear friends!
I wanted to share the updated steps on how to make Kudusama origami flower. Last time, I did make one but its look so complicated!hahaha..Sorry for that! This time, I promise its very simple.
Don't forget to try ya, its fun and easy!

What you'll need :
1. Origami paper
2. Glue

Let's started!
Below is the step to make the "petals" of kudusama origami flower. I recommend to make five (5) of these.

The final result is here. After you reach this step, glue each of these.

Here the result after you glue it. Continue do this for another four "petals".

And here is the after glue . Leave it for one minute so the glue can dry completely.

Next, start to combine each "petals" by use glue. 
Note : Glue it one by one.

Finally, you did it! yay!
You can put any decoration in the middle. For me, I don't have any to put there, so I just leave it! :)

I'm so passionate doing this, so I end up make four of it.haha
 I recommend you make this while you watching your favorite movie or show on the TV or It's feel so fun that way! :)

Enjoy and hope you can try this. 

Thank you very much for visiting my blog!
Hope to see you soon.. :)

Estelle Paya

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