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{Real DIY} : Paper Origami Lily

Happy Saturday my dear friends!
Hope you have nice weekend so far. :)
As I promised on my Instagram, @estellepaya ( please follow me if you wanted to be my friends), I wanted to share one origami project with you guys.
I love to make origami these day because I feel like I can focus whenever I do this and I love to see the end result also. Previously, I do make my post regarding 5 Paper Origami ideas for Wedding Corsages & Boutonni√®res. Please check it and get inspired!
Without any further ado, I will share step by step how to make Paper origami lily.

What you need :
i. F4 paper
ii. Cutter/ruler
iii. Pen

I will divide the step into 7 as below :

Step 1 : Prepare the base
- I like to use the F4 paper because I can make big lily.

Step 2 : Make the line

Step 3 : Triangle magic
Step 4 : Make diamond shape 

Step 5 : Fold there and here. 

Step 6 : Almost there.. 

Step 7 : Final steps.

Here the end result! Easy right?

I did make video for this but I really clumsy so the video doesn't look good and you'll feel dizzy whenever see it. So, I recommend you check this website for better instructions,

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Hope you having fun and I wished you'll visit again.. :)

Estelle Paya
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