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{West Malaysia} : Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya


Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great Monday or you been sleepy all day? I know you watching the final of world cup..haha.
But, world cup fever is over now so no more sleepless night for football lover. Congrats to Germany team for winning World Cup 2014! I'm not a fan of football but I enjoying seeing handsome guys on the field and kick the ball..haha(typical football girl fan).
Today, I wanted to share some of photo that I shoot at Taman Saujana Hijau last Saturday.
I'm really enjoying capturing images lately. If can, I want capture all things around me everyday. I really love to learn and practice it right way! 
Let's see the result and please let me know, what do you think?

This time, I managed to captured these images only.We have so limited time.
 I can't wait to going back there again and I will capture more beautiful photo and share with you guys!
If you live around Putrajaya or you wanted to see the greener environment and breath the fresh air, here is the great place to visit.
Or if you plan to have a wedding photoshoot, search no more, this is one of the beautiful place that you can do your photoshoot. :)

Thank you very much!

" I feel so stressed this beginning of week but I believe that, with God I can go through all this!"

Estelle Paya

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