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{Real DIY} : How to make over your old bag?

Happy Day!
I am thankful for long weekend ( I got 3 days off and I am so thankful for that).
Not to forget, Happy Independence Day to Malaysian and I love Malaysia!
And, as a celebration, I make #realdiy and its super easy! No need any steps on this.haha
I am someone that easily bored with my stuff and whenever my stuff especially bags or shoes become old, I feel no mood to wear it anymore. So, this kind #diy is really suit me. 
Without any further due, let's get started!

Flea Market, Amcorp Mall

Happy Sunday!
How's your day my friends?
I hope you have a nice day and great company as always.
Today, I wanted to share my favorite pieces that I got at Flea Market, AmCorp Mall yesterday. I planned to go there on Monday but I just can't wait to see all the "beauties" there. My original plan was to buying photographing book ( my favorite book already torn out because of the rain) .Unfortunately, the book  is sold out, what the waste! 
So, to cure my mini heartbroken there, I wondering around the mall. Before that, have you heard of this mall? I know about this mall from my friend, she said there so many vintage pieces here on the weekend. There will be Flea Market on weekend, they set up table on the mall and sell their vintage stuff, I love that! What I really love is the seller don't bother you at all, they let you scroll and searching for stuff that you want or maybe they used to people come just to see beautiful stuff just like me.haha.
Do you like vintage stuff just like me? If yes, yeah! and please do share places that you always go for vintage stuff hunting, I want visit it!
Since, the book is unavailable( feel sad now..),I won't going back home with empty hand for sure. Let's take a look what I got!

Hiking at Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya

Happy Saturday!
 I went to hiking again. Its quite addictive activity.haha, I just can't wait for weekend nowadays.
This time, my friend and I went to Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya. Its very easy to find this place ( at first I thought is very hard), if you from Bangi just like me, just take the KL exit and when reached  Desa Water Park junction, take left and follow the Petaling Jaya signboard until you found the Gasing road or in easy way, use your GPS or any apps related to that, I am really bad on showing how to get there.ahhaha..my close friend now this better weakness of mine.


{Wish List} 5 coffee shop to visit

I wake up this morning and I feel like I miss my coffee..
Nothing can beat my coffee latte. I always love coffee late..
I love it so much and if can, I want to drink it every morning ( but talk about money and health, then I'm giving up!)
Before that, happy day my dear friends! Whatever your day look like today, keep moving forward because that is life.
Speaking of coffee, I make plan to visit 5 coffee shop whenever I can.
Okay, let's take a look on my list.


{Wish List} : Kit Kat Boutique,Japan

Happy Tuesday!
Today post was inspired by my cubicle neighbor. Thanks Ijan for inspired me. 
Its about my favorite KitKat chocolate bar or more specific, Green Tea Kit Kat. Oh man! I been love this Kit Kat since I know its exist.Get ready for mouth watering if you fan of KitKat.haha.
Some of my friends noticed that I love Green Tea Kit Kat so whenever they went to Japan for business trip or vacation, they bought Green Tea Kit Kat as souvenir and sometime, I will ask them to buy for me because its so hard to find it at Malaysia for this moment.
So, what the relation between Kit Kat Boutique with my craziness over Green Tea Kit Kat?
Have you heard there "Kit Kat Boutique" at Japan?

How to choose the right watermelon

Happy Monday!
I've been love watermelon such a very long time. I really love to eat watermelon especially during hot day, yummy. But, one thing that I kind of don't like when come to watermelon is choose the "right" one. Its quite frustrating when you went bought watermelon and end up with less sweet watermelon, its kill the excited feeling. This make me miss my mum, mum knows everything. But, one day girl will become a mum right, so need to learn how to buy watermelon.haha
So,  I want to share 3 tips that I found on wikihow.com, how to choose right watermelon.Basically, I just follow what this mr wikihow said..haha, so far its work for me, so hope you can try next time.
Maybe some of you already know how to choose the right watermelon so if my tips is a bit hard and you think yours is easiest one, please share ya!
Are you ready for the tips?


No rice challenge for 1 week

Happy Sunday!
Earlier this week ( last Sunday), I decided to not to eat rice for the whole one week.
And, I am succeed! Yeah!
Maybe you curious, why I try to not eating rice for one week?
I need to discipline myself over small thing in my life and I gained so much weight lately, most of my clothes and jeans I can't wear in anymore, its worry me a lot!
This week, I discipline myself not to eating rice for one week and next week, I will eat rice for lunch in small amount only ( I planning to cook the rice myself now) and for dinner, I  will train myself to eat healthy food such as fruit.
 I try my best to go back to my normal weight, it not easy for sure but I will try my best. I will take responsible over the fat that I make myself. I need to accept the reality, looking good in shape is must for everyone. Plus, getting this fat makes me feel  uncomfortable especially my thigh, oh gosh! I hate it!
So, to celebrate my succeed, I enjoyed rice with my favorite dishes.

Hiking at Broga Hill

Photo by Marina Getrie

Happy Saturday!
Whenever I felt uneasy with my life, I like to do something that I loved so much! 
After very long time, finally I have courage to go hiking again. I love hiking so much, I prefer hiking than jogging because I feel so much fun try my best to reach at the top.
How about you? Do you like hiking as well?

Wondering all the time

Photo credit : pinterest.com

Hi my dear friends!
Hope you have a good time.
Today, I want to share my random thought of this world. As you can see above photo, I always wondering, is this place ever exist? Is this place just someone imagination and she/he painting it? I was wondering about this all the time. Honestly, I can't believe this place is exist.
If this place ever exist, then I will be so amazed! and what a wonderful place to live. I really wanted to spend my whole life in this kind of places.Green environment, quite places and mother nature is surround me, what a wonderful life, that is the definition of good life for me. Sometime, I feel so ungrateful to lived in such a humid and no four season country, sometime I feel so boring live in the same place and same environment. I always love the transition, that why I want to experience the transition from summer to fall to spring and winter ( my wish list to experience winter). I wished I can experience that in my life, so my life going to be so wonderful and I am not regret to die after that.
Now, I close my eyes and make a wish I ever experience this kind of places.
Good night!

Keriitleto ranger!



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About : Keriitleto

"All of your dreams can become true when you have the courage to pursue it!"

Hi there!
Welcome, keriitleto.com!
I'm Paya Roni and you can call me Aya.
I am Orang Ulu(Kenyah Badeng) from Data Kakus, Sarawak, Malaysia and currently based in Selangor, Malaysia.
I am married to Maclare.
I am the mother of Karl Sibal.

What is Keriitleto?
Keriitleto means young girl
I know you never heard these words right? 
I take this word from Kenyah language and I choose it as my blog name because Keriitleto must be full of passion, dream big, work hard and smart toward any of her dream and stronger in faith.
As time goes by, my life has changed. I became a wife in 2019 and become a mother in 2020. In 2021, I decided to revamp my blog to focus on parenting topics. But, no worries to my non-parent readers, I still write about life experiences and life tips that everyone can apply in their life.

Why I started Keriitleto.com?
I started this blog after my big breakup in 2013. I was so lost and not sure what should I do with my life. I went to work as usual but I feel my life is empty and I feel so heartbroken. I was searching what should I do to make me able to move on, not to feel sad and at the same time, I'm trying to search for the lost me. During that hardest time, I read one book said and this sentence catch my heart and changed my life forever,
"If you lost love, don't go looking for it but looking for yourself". 
I don't want to looking for what I lost so I'm trying to recover myself by doing a new hobby and at the same time, I saw on the internet this statement" Blog your dream". I don't know what is blog that time. So, I search it on the internet and boom! I've been trying to create my website for countless time ( hahaha...it's totally DIY and start from scratch...haha). I learned a lot from this process.
+Updated in 2021+
I still blog because I love writing, I love sharing my life experience with others and I enjoying blogging, it's my kind of escaped gateway from my hectic life.

What is this Keriitleto.com is about?
Mostly, the contents here are Kenyah girl's life experiences in KL/Selangor or my daily life, my wedding day, review some products and of course, my new life as a wife.
+Updated in 2021+
In 2021, keriitleto.com will be all about parenting, start from my pregnancy experience, giving birth, first time as a mother and all related to parenting. I decided to make keriitleto.com as a parenting blog because I feel I am so clueless about being a parent during the early days, we have so much to learn and ask. I hope by making this blog, it can help a new parent out there.

What do I make for a living?
I'm Software QA Engineer by the day, blogger by night/weekend and occasionally as a wedding photographer ( I take a break now to focus on adjusting life as a wife).
+Updated in 2021+
I am Senior Software QA Engineer by the day, blogger/podcaster/youtuber by night or weekend. As for my photographer roles, I am enjoying taking photos of my family now.

Hope you'll enjoy my blog!

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The strings light of happiness

dorm room ideas
Photo credit : pin4fun6170.blogspot.com

Its Friday!
The happiest day for those who working 5 days per week. I am someone that working like that so I'm so happy today even though I will be working on Saturday for this week. I don't want to keep this happy on my own, so I want to share my happiness with you guys!
You want to know what it is?
Its obviously the string light!!!! This usually use for Christmas or any event at night. Oh my gosh, I super love it lately. Lately, I make my room like this..haha, you can see it on my Instagram ( @estellepaya), this make me always can't wait to going back to my room and after take bath I will turn on my string light and stare at it. I feel so Christmas and I feel so happy, giggling and smiling over the light when look at it! I may sound like crazy lady but I am crazy for things that I love..haha.


Life is about chasing dream

Happy Wednesday!
Hope you had a great day so far.
If you have visit my blog and you notice that I'm not update it so frequent, I'm sorry! Honestly speaking, I don't have any idea to talk about and nothing to share..haha, I'm quite busy with my work, I'm sorry!
Today I want to talk about my favorite words for this moment..Its D.R.E.A.M as you can see on my photo and most of my photo on my Instagram( @estellepaya) this week.This words has such a deep meaning for me.
Want to know why? Click the read me below (haha..)


How the KLIA2 look like?

Hello my dear friends!
This time I want to share about KLIA2 view. Last time, I don't have chance to take the photo. Last night, I went to the airport to sent my friend there and I took this chance to take some  photo. For those who never go to KLIA2,I hope this will help you imagine how the new airport look like.For those who been there, let's share your experience there. :)
First of all, how to get there?If you live in KL or Selangor,and you driving, then just follow the sign board until you found "small" sign board that mentioned KLIA2( its really small so be caution!stay alert whenever you reach the LCCT junction. Previously, if you using AirAsia or Malindo Air, you will turn left before the KLIA ( I don't remember the exit, I'm sorry) but this time, just go straight until you found KLIA2 sign.
In few minutes, you'll see the airport. If you just send someone, just follow the Departures sign board and if you plan to wait or else at the airport, just follow the Car park sign board. There so many parking available when I am there so I feel not so hard to find parking.
You also can ride the KLIA express or transit, their official website is here.
 Okay, now I am going to revealing the view..jeng jeng!


Bintulu,Sarawak : Old memories at Bintulu

Hello my dear friends!
During my July break this year, I am so glad I had time to explore the Bintulu town. Everytime, I went home, I always directly went back to my kampung, I never had a chance to explore my own town. So far, there so many change happen here. Some places that I used to go during my young time here is not there or maybe upgraded I couldn't recognize it anymore. One of the place that I always remember in my mind is the temple in the middle of Bintulu town. Whenever I took my outfits photo before, I always try to find beautiful wall as  my background, one that always come on my mind is this temple wall. You can see the photos as below.

Sarawak,Malaysia: Already home

Happy Sunday!
This time, I wanted to share some image taken by me during my break at my kampung. Nothing special actually but I wanted to shared the glimpse of what I loved and people I love the most.Being home is one of great thing, no keyboard, no phone while I'm there( I do miss that so much but I need to take a break of that), I love to speak to each other face to face and see people expression face. But, this time I had a bad time when I come back home because no water so I need to do everything at the "sungai", just like old time. I hope there change at my kampung so we can no longer life that way.
More photos after read more below.


Sarawak, Malaysia : On my way home

Photo by Teley Roni Eban

Happy Weekend!
Today, I am so glad to share my photos when I was on my way home last week.I am from very rural area at Sarawak, its took 4 hours from Bintulu to Data Kakus, my kampung. I really love to going back to my kampung because there is my soul belongs and I love the environment( fresh air and good food). I always feel tired whenever I went back home because of the 4 hours journey, the dry weather and hot so that makes the road become so dusty and as you can see, the all the tree behind me is not really green anymore.I am sad to see that, but still I wanted to capture photo of this journey to share on my blog. As you can see, the road is not highway just like you used to see here, Peninsula Malaysia.Only that kind of road we had from Simpang Bakun to Data Kakus for this moment.
Enjoy my journey on my way home..:)

KLIA2 experience 2014

Image source : http://kliatwo.com

Part 1 : Departure experience
As I mentioned before, I wanted to share my experience at KLIA2. My first time been there so I think its good to share the first time experience..haha. I cannot take photo since I travel alone and I am rushing going there since I really don't know how to go here.
I drove from my house and parked my car at Bandar Tasik Selatan(BTS). For your information, the parking rate here is RM3/day. For me, its quite affordable. If you need more info regarding Terminal Bas Selatan (TBS)- BTS, you can go to their official website as below :
Then, from TBS, I took KLIA express train. Its really fast but quite expensive..:(
You can find the details about schedule, fees and any info about KLIA express on their website as below as well :

Its took only less than 30 minutes for me to reach at KLIA2. Upon my arrival at KLIA2 station, take the escalator and I directly searching for Departure hall. There a lot of staffs out there so you can ask them and they will guide you. When I arrived at the departure hall, oh my! oh my! so many people ( I went back during the festive season so that why!). I can't check in my luggage this time, I don't know why. I just directly bring my things and go to the gate of my flight. I feel like its feel so spacious and a lot of shop ( really temptation for people like to shop..haha).
What I love about this airport is I no need to walking so far to reach the gate plus its not feel hot.

Part 2 : Arrival experience
When I come back to KL, I never experience my arrival such a easy and smooth before. You can bought the KLIA express train ticket on the way you went to luggage claim.But, unfortunately, the luggage claim seems very slow and I wait for it for more than 30 minutes. But, what to do right?
After get my luggage, I directly went to KLIA express train station and boarded it on time.

Final thought of KLIA2
My personal opinion is I like it because I feel so spacious and a lot of shop(hehe..I can't shopping but its good to walking around the good shop). But, what I don't like is the signboard or the direction seems so complicated and confusing. You need to always ask the staff around there.And, I think not enough chair..a lot of people just sitting on the floor. If young people sit like that, I can accept that. But, what if the older people, I don't like to see them sitting on the floor.Seems so pity!

If you wanted to look virtually about KLIA2, you can visit their website as below.

I planned to visit KLIA2 again in future. Just for fun and experience again and of course, take some photos. But, not sure when?hahha..
Let's it be..

I think that all and hope you'll have a great time at KLIA2 soon.


Outfit diary: Blue skater skirt

Hello my dear friends!
I am back after my holiday at Sarawak. I can't believe my holiday is over now.
25 July 2014 such a special date for me this year because I finally went back home. Home is where my heart belongs and also where my loved one, my family. After away from home for 7 months, I finally able to going back home again, I really feel great and excited. For someone like me, 7 months such a really long duration for me. After I start working, usually I going back twice a year, I wished I able to going back every weekend but what to do, I not yet blessed with that. For now, lets enjoy the blessing that God gave me.
Before I heading to airport ( last week), I took some photo of me with my favorite outfits. I decided to wear skirt this time, because I feel I can move freely but I don't recommend you to wearing skirt to airport if you carry heavy luggage, you'll look awful..haha
For this simple outfits, I try 3 style as below. Can you guess which one is my final choice and why?