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About ME

16 August 2014

"All of your dreams can become true when you have the courage to pursue it!"

Hi there!
Welcome, 😊
I'm Aya, the founder & author of this blog.
I am Orang Ulu(Kenyah Badeng) from Data Kakus, Sarawak, Malaysia and currently based in Selangor, Malaysia.
I am married to Maclare.
I am the mother of Karl Sibal.

What is Keriitleto?
Keriitleto means young girl
I know you never heard these words right? This is Kenyah Word.
I choose this word as my blog name because, for me  
 Keriitleto must be full of passion, dream big, work hard and smart toward any of her dream and stronger in faith in her whole life. No matter she still young or getting different status.

Why I started
I started this blog after my big breakup in 2013. I was so lost and not sure what should I do with my life. I went to work as usual but I feel my life is empty and I feel so heartbroken. I was searching what should I do to make me able to move on, not to feel sad and at the same time, I'm trying to search for the lost me. During that hardest time, I read one book said and this sentence catch my heart and changed my life forever,
"If you lost love, don't go looking for it but looking for yourself". 
I don't want to looking for what I lost so I'm trying to recover myself by doing a new hobby and at the same time, I saw on the internet this statement" Blog your dream". I don't know what is blog that time. So, I search it on the internet and boom! I've been trying to create my website for countless time ('s totally DIY and start from scratch...haha). I learned a lot from this process.
In short, I started this blog because it's my "escaped" places and express whatever in my head.

What is this is about?
In  the early day of, mostly, the contents are about my life experiences in KL & Selangor, mostly about Travel and Outfits. After I get married, my contents eventually about motherhood & parenting and others topics. Then, my major topic now is all about working mom! I want to empower and blog about working mom life. 

What do I make for a living?
I'm Test Consultant at IT company and of course, as blogger at

Hope you'll enjoy my blog!

Contact Info
Facebook: Keriitleto Paya
Instagram: @keriitleto.paya
YouTube: Keriitleto Paya


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Welcome to my Blog. I’m Aya. I’m Orang Ulu from Sarawak, stay in Selangor. Married with one child. I worked as Test Consultant & Blogger. For any enquiry email to :

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