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16 August 2014

"All of your dreams can become true when you have the courage to pursue it!"

Hi there!
Welcome to my blog
Nice to meet you.My name is Paya Roni.
I am Orang Ulu(Kenyah Badeng) from Data Kakus, Sarawak, Malaysia and currently based in Selangor, Malaysia.I am a freelancer wedding photography and Design Engineer. I love doing both of this.

What is Keriitleto?
The meaning of Keriitleto is a young girl. I know you never heard this words right? I take this word from Kenyah language and I choose it as my blog name because, in my opinion, Keriitleto(young girl) must be full of passion, dream big, work hard and smart toward any of her dream and stronger in faith.At the same time, Keriitleto is beautiful in everybody shape and any skin color
No matter what your age, you still Keriitleto, so take care of yourself and head up!

What is this Keriitleto blog about?
On this blog, I'll share my love for photography, my travel experience, my passion for fashion/style and also about my life experience.

What do I make for a living?
I'm Design engineer by the day, blogger by night/weekend and occasionally as a wedding photographer.
If you interested to ask me to shoot your wedding, please kindly drop me an email as below.

Why I used English as the main language on my blog?
I want to improve my English and I don't really write on Bahasa anymore. I will but maybe sometime.

Hope you'll enjoy my blog!

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Facebook : Keriitleto
Instagram : @keriitleto @keriitletostore

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