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Bintulu,Sarawak : Old memories at Bintulu

Hello my dear friends!
During my July break this year, I am so glad I had time to explore the Bintulu town. Everytime, I went home, I always directly went back to my kampung, I never had a chance to explore my own town. So far, there so many change happen here. Some places that I used to go during my young time here is not there or maybe upgraded I couldn't recognize it anymore. One of the place that I always remember in my mind is the temple in the middle of Bintulu town. Whenever I took my outfits photo before, I always try to find beautiful wall as  my background, one that always come on my mind is this temple wall. You can see the photos as below.

This time, I had chance to captured the outfits photo even though my outfits is very simple. Blue jeans and favorite shirt and ermmm..flip flop or selipar jepun( before I bought the "official" travel slipper..haha)

I also take time to explore the places that I always been whenever I come to Bintulu. There so many cheap stuff around this area or is there any cheap place other than this??
. I used to buy some clothes whenever I am here.

One of the transportation here.

And, I got new shoes from my sister.Yeah! I love the mint color..yeahhhh..

And some Nails care product from Nature Republic and do you ever remember the "bedak" as below? I used to wear this every night when I am in high school, I am not buy it but use my friends one..hahaha and we look like "ghost" in the middle of night.hahaha

That all for this time. My hands so itchy now..I'm not sure why?? 
Till next time.. :)

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