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Flea Market, Amcorp Mall

Happy Sunday!
How's your day my friends?
I hope you have a nice day and great company as always.
Today, I wanted to share my favorite pieces that I got at Flea Market, AmCorp Mall yesterday. I planned to go there on Monday but I just can't wait to see all the "beauties" there. My original plan was to buying photographing book ( my favorite book already torn out because of the rain) .Unfortunately, the book  is sold out, what the waste! 
So, to cure my mini heartbroken there, I wondering around the mall. Before that, have you heard of this mall? I know about this mall from my friend, she said there so many vintage pieces here on the weekend. There will be Flea Market on weekend, they set up table on the mall and sell their vintage stuff, I love that! What I really love is the seller don't bother you at all, they let you scroll and searching for stuff that you want or maybe they used to people come just to see beautiful stuff just like me.haha.
Do you like vintage stuff just like me? If yes, yeah! and please do share places that you always go for vintage stuff hunting, I want visit it!
Since, the book is unavailable( feel sad now..),I won't going back home with empty hand for sure. Let's take a look what I got!
My first items was accessories holder or whatever it is..haha
When I saw this little pieces, I was so in love with it and I imagined that I put all my favorite accessories on it and now its come true!haha

Can't you believe the price just RM10? Its totally cheap!

Then, highlight of the day!!
This super cute necklace..arghhh!! I can't wait to wear it with my some simple outfit, how cool is that! I got this for RM15 only. Total spend is RM25 only.
What I love about this necklace is the way its look, so bold and gold some more. How can I say NO for it!hahha.. I will show it to you guys when I wear it with my outfits next time, just can't wait now!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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