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Hiking at Broga Hill

Photo by Marina Getrie

Happy Saturday!
Whenever I felt uneasy with my life, I like to do something that I loved so much! 
After very long time, finally I have courage to go hiking again. I love hiking so much, I prefer hiking than jogging because I feel so much fun try my best to reach at the top.
How about you? Do you like hiking as well?
During this hiking time, I never leave my camera behind. I take this opportunity to practice what I learned on photography this past two months.So, here, I present the result of my photography today.
One thing that I realized is I feel so scared to take out my camera whenever they so many people holding their camera as well,I feel not confident with my skills. I think too much I guess?
Enjoy the photos!

And, I have so much fun here.

Finally, thanks Unnie for accompany me here.

Next week, we planned to go hiking again, can't wait for that!

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