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Hiking at Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya


Happy Saturday!
 I went to hiking again. Its quite addictive activity.haha, I just can't wait for weekend nowadays.
This time, my friend and I went to Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya. Its very easy to find this place ( at first I thought is very hard), if you from Bangi just like me, just take the KL exit and when reached  Desa Water Park junction, take left and follow the Petaling Jaya signboard until you found the Gasing road or in easy way, use your GPS or any apps related to that, I am really bad on showing how to get close friend now this better weakness of mine.

My impression of this hiking place is quite peaceful and fresh air of course. I love that! One thing that I realized is strangers say "Good Morning" to me and my friend. Its quite impressive for me because usually I didn't say " GM" to strangers because I scared they will not replying or say anything to me. I think I should learn to say "GM" to stranger now. This hiking place is not really challenge for me compare to Broga Hill last time. But, its okay, at least I'm doing what I really love.
Before that, if you interested to go hiking here, below is my tips :
i. Torch light - If you went at 0630am, bring your torch light because its so dark inside there.
ii. Long pant - Wearing long pant is better because too many mosquitos, if you did not move for 10 seconds, its already bite you, they just too hungry!
iii. Water - Bring enough water for yourself.

Okay, here is my photo at Bukit Gasing last Saturday! Taken by my friend, Marina @margetrie

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