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How the KLIA2 look like?

Hello my dear friends!
This time I want to share about KLIA2 view. Last time, I don't have chance to take the photo. Last night, I went to the airport to sent my friend there and I took this chance to take some  photo. For those who never go to KLIA2,I hope this will help you imagine how the new airport look like.For those who been there, let's share your experience there. :)
First of all, how to get there?If you live in KL or Selangor,and you driving, then just follow the sign board until you found "small" sign board that mentioned KLIA2( its really small so be caution!stay alert whenever you reach the LCCT junction. Previously, if you using AirAsia or Malindo Air, you will turn left before the KLIA ( I don't remember the exit, I'm sorry) but this time, just go straight until you found KLIA2 sign.
In few minutes, you'll see the airport. If you just send someone, just follow the Departures sign board and if you plan to wait or else at the airport, just follow the Car park sign board. There so many parking available when I am there so I feel not so hard to find parking.
You also can ride the KLIA express or transit, their official website is here.
 Okay, now I am going to revealing the view..jeng jeng!

For domestic and international departures, you can directly go to L3.

This is Domestic departures.

 This is International departures

 Not check in yet or no printer ta home? 
Easy peasy! You can check in on Kiosk available there..easy and fast!

Shop shop

  Coffee shop

More shop..

All trolley is free of charge..

If you need to do wrap your luggage, here it is..

More shop..This shop so beautiful in my eyes..

Once you enter the Departure level(L3), you'll see this..

More shop..

Hungry? Don't worry! There so many restaurant here, you can choose whatever and which one you can afford!

Yummy!I cant believe I went to airport and eating this..hahhaa

Here is the view of KLIA express at KLIA2.

My favorite shop so far ( but its favorite but not buying..hahaa)

More and more shop..It feel like shopping mall already not an airport..

If you are busy women and you don't have time to buy grocery when you are home, Jaya Grocer is one place for you!

Cutest shop I ever seen here..All white is always my favorite!

That's all for now. Hope this will give some ideas how the new airport look like. What can I conclude is a lot of shop in the building so for shopaholic, please be caution and don't let that shopper instinct make you missed your flight! But the advantages of this is you no need to spend time at local shopping mall when you have a quick  visit at Malaysia..haha, save time! Really..When I went to abroad last time, I wished that the airport have a lot of shop like KLIA2 now, so I can buy something as a souvenir because usually, all the expensive things( example perfume) is sell at airport other than chocolate.

Hopefully, this article will help you a lot when you become first timer at KLIA2. If you need more info, visit their official website as below :

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