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KLIA2 experience 2014

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Part 1 : Departure experience
As I mentioned before, I wanted to share my experience at KLIA2. My first time been there so I think its good to share the first time experience..haha. I cannot take photo since I travel alone and I am rushing going there since I really don't know how to go here.
I drove from my house and parked my car at Bandar Tasik Selatan(BTS). For your information, the parking rate here is RM3/day. For me, its quite affordable. If you need more info regarding Terminal Bas Selatan (TBS)- BTS, you can go to their official website as below :
Then, from TBS, I took KLIA express train. Its really fast but quite expensive..:(
You can find the details about schedule, fees and any info about KLIA express on their website as below as well :

Its took only less than 30 minutes for me to reach at KLIA2. Upon my arrival at KLIA2 station, take the escalator and I directly searching for Departure hall. There a lot of staffs out there so you can ask them and they will guide you. When I arrived at the departure hall, oh my! oh my! so many people ( I went back during the festive season so that why!). I can't check in my luggage this time, I don't know why. I just directly bring my things and go to the gate of my flight. I feel like its feel so spacious and a lot of shop ( really temptation for people like to shop..haha).
What I love about this airport is I no need to walking so far to reach the gate plus its not feel hot.

Part 2 : Arrival experience
When I come back to KL, I never experience my arrival such a easy and smooth before. You can bought the KLIA express train ticket on the way you went to luggage claim.But, unfortunately, the luggage claim seems very slow and I wait for it for more than 30 minutes. But, what to do right?
After get my luggage, I directly went to KLIA express train station and boarded it on time.

Final thought of KLIA2
My personal opinion is I like it because I feel so spacious and a lot of shop(hehe..I can't shopping but its good to walking around the good shop). But, what I don't like is the signboard or the direction seems so complicated and confusing. You need to always ask the staff around there.And, I think not enough chair..a lot of people just sitting on the floor. If young people sit like that, I can accept that. But, what if the older people, I don't like to see them sitting on the floor.Seems so pity!

If you wanted to look virtually about KLIA2, you can visit their website as below.

I planned to visit KLIA2 again in future. Just for fun and experience again and of course, take some photos. But, not sure when?hahha..
Let's it be..

I think that all and hope you'll have a great time at KLIA2 soon.


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