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Life is about chasing dream

14 August 2014

Happy Wednesday!
Hope you had a great day so far.
If you have visit my blog and you notice that I'm not update it so frequent, I'm sorry! Honestly speaking, I don't have any idea to talk about and nothing to share..haha, I'm quite busy with my work, I'm sorry!
Today I want to talk about my favorite words for this moment..Its D.R.E.A.M as you can see on my photo and most of my photo on my Instagram( @estellepaya) this week.This words has such a deep meaning for me.
Want to know why? Click the read me below (haha..)

Have you ever dream about something and you really believe that you going to achieve it one day? But, suddenly something big happen in the middle of hard work to achieve that dream, what do you'll do? Will you forget the dreams and focus on that urgent big happen just happen in your life? 
For me, when this situation happen in your life, calm down and think carefully in every words and action that you'll speak and do. And, never stop on your dream,keep chasing on your dream and help what can you help if the big thing really need your support. In my opinion, its okay to be selfish when its come to your dream but sometime, its not working for me because I know, selfish will not bring me nowhere even though I working freaking hard. Sometime, other really need our help in their life so let's help on what can we help, don't always be selfish.
Okay, next I wanted to share one beautiful thing I ever made!!!!hahhaha..
I decorated my room with my favorite words this week and put the Christmas light ( I don't know what this called..haha). Lately, I feel so hard to sleep because I feel upset of my life and I never feel good about my life, my body and everything about me. So, whenever I see this, I believe that there hope on my dream and I will never stop chasing my dream, never!! And , I feel like everyday is Christmas day! I really love Christmas day and that one of the happiest day in my life beside my birthday..ahhaa
For young girls and young boys that ever read my blog, never stop chasing whatever dream in your head. Always hardworking toward it and believe in yourself.
This also note to myself.. :)
Let's working hard on our dreams and life fearlessly.

Before I end this post, I honestly speaking I still feel upset with my own life and my own body now. I have long hard battle with my weight, my eating habit and I never make peace with my body. I keep eating and never stop eating , I am destroying myself now, I don't know why! My friends, please keep me in your prayer so I'm not destroying myself with all those unhealthy food. 
Please bring me to your prayer also because as I mentioned, I faced big challenge in my life for this moment so please bring me in your quite prayer and let's God comfort my upset heart.

Thanks my dear friends and hope you always had a great life.
Be good to each others.


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