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No rice challenge for 1 week

Happy Sunday!
Earlier this week ( last Sunday), I decided to not to eat rice for the whole one week.
And, I am succeed! Yeah!
Maybe you curious, why I try to not eating rice for one week?
I need to discipline myself over small thing in my life and I gained so much weight lately, most of my clothes and jeans I can't wear in anymore, its worry me a lot!
This week, I discipline myself not to eating rice for one week and next week, I will eat rice for lunch in small amount only ( I planning to cook the rice myself now) and for dinner, I  will train myself to eat healthy food such as fruit.
 I try my best to go back to my normal weight, it not easy for sure but I will try my best. I will take responsible over the fat that I make myself. I need to accept the reality, looking good in shape is must for everyone. Plus, getting this fat makes me feel  uncomfortable especially my thigh, oh gosh! I hate it!
So, to celebrate my succeed, I enjoyed rice with my favorite dishes.
Before that, I wanted to share experience no rice for 1 week. 
Day 1~ day 2, I feel fine and I can live as usual, I just eat something that not related to rice such as noodles. 
Day 3~6 is the most challenging days, finally, my body keep wanting rice, I eating something else but my body keep want rice. This time, I need to be so strong, its really tempting to see my friends eating rice with delicious side dishes.Since, I am so determined of this,  I managed to avoid all the temptation, rice temptation specifically .Day 7, oh my god! I feel like the best day ever is arrived. I sleep early and wake up early, just to cook the rice and eat the rice. The feeling is just awesome!

This rice is originally from Sarawak. Freshly from my family's paddy field ( padi huma). The rice color is soft purple, I really love this rice the most. Plus, I love the smell too, so delicious and make me excited to eat.

My simple favorite. Previously, I don't eat beans sprout because I don't like how it look like. But, once I tasted it, I start loving it so much.

 I been loving sausage for such a long time now, its unhealthy for sure but still I love it! I try to eat less of it. The "ikan masin" is super love, I can imagine myself eat it with porridge, how wonderful is that.

That's my homemade chilly, I just love the Kenyah chilly, I don't know why. Its taste better than other chilly and noted that, the Kenyah chilly is look like same other "cili padi" but the way we make it is different than others.

Thanks for reading and visit my blog!
Wish you have best day ahead.

6 comments on "No rice challenge for 1 week"
  1. Actually not eating rice does help you lose weight. I didn't eat rice for a month. (^_^) And I actually feel great without rice.
    I used to feel hungry all the time. Now, I can just stick to 2 or 3 meals per day with no snacks, because I don't feel hungry in between.


    1. Hi Xiang,
      Thanks for commenting! :)
      Yes, you are right, I feel great too without rice.
      But sometime, I feel so tempted to eat rice.ahaha
      I will try my best to eat less rice after this.

      Take care ya!

  2. Wow..congrats for your achievement/succeed the challenge. I wanna do it too. No rice for 1 week. Lets do it together..and dont forget the detox water too. Ots help alots. No rice + detox water


    1. Thanks Buki.You can do it too, what really matter is determination feeling.
      I drinked a lot of water last week and at the end of week, I do feel weak but I'm satisfy.


  3. Replies
    1. Let's keep slim together.. :), eat less rice is new beginning..


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