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Outfit diary: Blue skater skirt


Hello my dear friends!
I am back after my holiday at Sarawak. I can't believe my holiday is over now.
25 July 2014 such a special date for me this year because I finally went back home. Home is where my heart belongs and also where my loved one, my family. After away from home for 7 months, I finally able to going back home again, I really feel great and excited. For someone like me, 7 months such a really long duration for me. After I start working, usually I going back twice a year, I wished I able to going back every weekend but what to do, I not yet blessed with that. For now, lets enjoy the blessing that God gave me.
Before I heading to airport ( last week), I took some photo of me with my favorite outfits. I decided to wear skirt this time, because I feel I can move freely but I don't recommend you to wearing skirt to airport if you carry heavy luggage, you'll look awful..haha
For this simple outfits, I try 3 style as below. Can you guess which one is my final choice and why?

Outfit 1: Pairing with denim jacket 

This look is airport friendly I guess. But, I am worry I messed my hair if I wearing the cap all the time. Plus, the wheather that day so hot and denim jacket is not a good choice.

Outfit 2 : Pairing with blue Cardigan 

This is one of good option but wearing the cardigan in the hot weather is wrong choice plus I bring my luggage so I can't wearing this cardigan.

Outfit 3 : Simple look ( t-shirt and skirt)

You can guess which one is my final choice now.haha
The style that have a lot of photo mean the one that I choose. I decided to wear blue skirt + gray skirt only since its soo hot out there and I carried my luggage. But, I did bring my cardigan with me, in case I will be feel cold on the flight later.
Next, I will share my experience at KLIA2. My first time going there so I need to share what I feel..haha
For now, peace!!

Have a nice day and God bless you always, my dear friends!


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