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{Real DIY} : How to make over your old bag?

31 August 2014

Happy Day!
I am thankful for long weekend ( I got 3 days off and I am so thankful for that).
Not to forget, Happy Independence Day to Malaysian and I love Malaysia!
And, as a celebration, I make #realdiy and its super easy! No need any steps on this.haha
I am someone that easily bored with my stuff and whenever my stuff especially bags or shoes become old, I feel no mood to wear it anymore. So, this kind #diy is really suit me. 
Without any further due, let's get started!

First of all, here what you need :
i. Silver flower studs ( I got this at stationary shop)
ii. Strong glue ( Optional)

Steps 1 the "new" handbags!

Its pretty simple and I love it! Its make me feel like I got my new handbag!hahha..
I really love this handbag so much and I wear it on my outfit shoot pretty too much already, let's me share some photo of it. 

For me, this sling bag is awesome! I can wear it with anything so far. But, I admit that, sometime it doesn't match with my outfit but who care right? As long as you happy and feel great with what you are wearing then everything is fine.

Hope you have nice day always!

Thanks again for visiting my little blog!


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