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Sarawak, Malaysia : On my way home


Photo by Teley Roni Eban

Happy Weekend!
Today, I am so glad to share my photos when I was on my way home last week.I am from very rural area at Sarawak, its took 4 hours from Bintulu to Data Kakus, my kampung. I really love to going back to my kampung because there is my soul belongs and I love the environment( fresh air and good food). I always feel tired whenever I went back home because of the 4 hours journey, the dry weather and hot so that makes the road become so dusty and as you can see, the all the tree behind me is not really green anymore.I am sad to see that, but still I wanted to capture photo of this journey to share on my blog. As you can see, the road is not highway just like you used to see here, Peninsula Malaysia.Only that kind of road we had from Simpang Bakun to Data Kakus for this moment.
Enjoy my journey on my way home..:)

First of all, I want introduce two of my sibling.
Here is my little brother! He is the driver of the day. I am so glad I have little brother because when come to extreme situation like this ( I can't drive manual car on this kind of road..haha), so I can depend on him. He is taller than me..huhu.

Here is my 3rd sister.
She look darker now because of she working under the sun. I will buy some beauty product for her to protect her skin.

Here is three of us. My mum and my nephew at outside. Actually, I want sit at the back but my mum won't let me,she insisted to sit there. I feel so bad for sitting comfortably inside the car and my mum sit at the back get through the dusty road.I wished I can afford the car that we all can sit comfortably inside.
This is just common at my hometown.Whenever I went home, I feel like I went to another world because of this. Everything is seems not perfect just like when I lived in the big city.

Here is one of the common view on my way home. There so many palm oil tree all the way and whenever hot weather then the road will become so dusty and no more green tree.

No RnR on our way home, so we just stop anywhere we wanted.If I wanted to pee or something, I usually just "tahan" because there no toilet anywhere. I still remember, there one time, I really need to do the big business on our way home, I just try to tahan it until our home even though it feel it come out already! euww!

I love making fun of my nephew. He always annoying with me..haha, that the nature of kids, always teased by adult..haha, I love to see his annoyed face.

For those who never see the "lorry balak", now its your chance!
During our stop, I am so lucky because I able to capture the photos of it. There so many "pembalakan" at our area. I have no power to stopped it, just see it passing by and let them ruin the forest. I am such a bad human!

Another stop, we stop at our house farm ( lepau oma). Before my dad become unable to walk, we always come stayed here, do the "nyawit" things. But, now we rarely come here.I used to catch the fish on the pond behind me and I used to get the fresh air at that house on my left during my stay here.

Next photo had big meaning for me.This where am I before.

I still remember, I used to study here before my SPM exam with accompany of "minyak tanah" lamp. I admit that, I had such a poor life but I believe that, only God and education can change my destiny.I am not that smart kid just like city kids or anyone else but I am trying to do my best for the good life. I am still trying my best to have a good and life that I ever wanted. 
From my experience, there 3 main key of make dream come true. 
First, is put God in everything. "Pray harder, work harder", I really love that quotes.
Second is dare to dream big. I am such a big dreamer and I always have thought to get out from this poor life and I am living on some of my dream now and still there so many dreams ahead me that I want to make come true. 
Third one is hardworking. Never stopped working to make everything just like you ever wanted. 
I am not saying all this because  I am so successful or else, I just want to encourage young Kenyah girl out there to apply that 3 key on the way your life to make your dream come true. I still trying to apply this 3 three keys in my life nowadays. I admit, sometime I just rely on myself but I realized that, nothing can become true without that 3 keys.

When come to my nephews( I don't have niece so far..), I feel like I am such a lovely woman(sometime..haha).Honestly speaking, I always love to see their cuteness and at the same time I always annoyed with their attitude, they make us weak with their cuteness. Here is one of my nephew. Even though he just 8 years old, he is strong boy! God bless you!

Before I end my post this time, here I present you my excited face whenever I went home.Ignore the duck face ya!hahaha..

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Hope you have a nice weekend!


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