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Sarawak,Malaysia: Already home


Happy Sunday!
This time, I wanted to share some image taken by me during my break at my kampung. Nothing special actually but I wanted to shared the glimpse of what I loved and people I love the most.Being home is one of great thing, no keyboard, no phone while I'm there( I do miss that so much but I need to take a break of that), I love to speak to each other face to face and see people expression face. But, this time I had a bad time when I come back home because no water so I need to do everything at the "sungai", just like old time. I hope there change at my kampung so we can no longer life that way.
More photos after read more below.

Candid photo of my boys!

He is the cutest one!

I love them for being like this. This what family for.

oh my! the clear water make me want to going back again.

One of our favorite whenever we went "mandi sungai", eat the maggi mee..hahaa, its weird! But, I like it!

Posing with the durian is must for this Durian season.

I can't believe they grown up so fast! I'm getting older..hahaa

This called "Rambutan", yummy!!!

I love durian...yummehh!!

Last but not least,eating durian time..I eating durian most of the time during this holiday!hahhaa...everything is durian..Smell like durian, don't care!hahhaa

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Blurrppp...can you smell the durian??hahaha..
Hope you had a great time on this Sunday!


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