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The strings light of happiness


dorm room ideas
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Its Friday!
The happiest day for those who working 5 days per week. I am someone that working like that so I'm so happy today even though I will be working on Saturday for this week. I don't want to keep this happy on my own, so I want to share my happiness with you guys!
You want to know what it is?
Its obviously the string light!!!! This usually use for Christmas or any event at night. Oh my gosh, I super love it lately. Lately, I make my room like this..haha, you can see it on my Instagram ( @estellepaya), this make me always can't wait to going back to my room and after take bath I will turn on my string light and stare at it. I feel so Christmas and I feel so happy, giggling and smiling over the light when look at it! I may sound like crazy lady but I am crazy for things that I love..haha.

My message here is when life is getting tougher, find something that you love and look at it whenever you feel so down and sad, it'll cheer you up! For Christian people, don't forget to surrender everything in God's hand and let He handle everything, keep praying for comfort heart.

Okay, now its the fun part, I want to share my inspirations for this string of light. Hope it'll be inspired you and attract you to make one for you and feel Christmas every day!

46 Awesome String Light DIYs For Any room
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Want to create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to rest? Hang string lights over a dark-painted wall, with sheer curtains to soften and diffuse the effect. This headboard definitely lights up the night.

My first college Dorm Room!! :)
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