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{Wish List} : 10 things to own before 30


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Once again, another wish list post is back! Its quite addictive to write list of what you want and to do.
This time, all about things should I own before 30 years old. When I write the list, one things that come to my mind, I need to save money to fulfill all these wish list..haha. Before this, I make a post about 30 things that should I do before turn 30, you can see the post here.
I am 25 years old now ( its not November yet, so I am still 25 years..hehe), so that mean, I have less than five years from now, oh my God! The time getting shorter already! 
For me, 20s era is time for me  to work hard for what I wanted and get a better life, so when I am turned 30, I feel safe and secure with everything that I do on my 20s ( the ideal plan is like this..haha, in reality, only God know how hard is this).For me, when I turn 30 soon, I will have triple or more commitment than I have now, I may get married by that time, I am not sure or I probably, working on my dream job that make me forget anything in this world, I don't know what my future will look like. But, I am having fun making the list.
Let's have fun read my fun and hopeful list of things to own before 30.

1. Vintage investment accessory
Girls, you know what I mean. Its 916 or any accessory that can make investment for your life.Honestly speaking, I don't like 916 actually because its seems "ahjumma" stuff but I knew it as a investment so forget about fashion, let's find 916 that suit my taste and that I can wear and brag about it in future.
3 ladies that must be aimed - Necklace, earrings and bracelets ( any others..)

2. Great handbags
Boys doesn't believe bag also investment for girls. But, they're right! 
In case you are super rich and you can buy all the top designers bag in the world such as Hermes or something then that called "investment". For someone like me. that only can dreamed about all designer bags, I just buy the one that I can afford and its great bag. Doesn't mean expensive bag is long lasting( or maybe they're long lasting), its depends on how you take care of it, that's all! When comes to great handbags, I will go for black, why? Its can wear all outfits that I ever had and any age of women can wear black color handbags. Black will never goes wrong. My favorite bag is something that I can wear in many way such as shoulder, sling back and more. Plus, I can wear it casually and official matter.And, when I become mum or grandmother, I still can rock it. 
5 definition of great handbag for me is :
i. Black color ( never goes wrong with black)
ii. Many or great compartment ( I can store all my things neatly)
iii. "Just right" size ( not too big and not too small, just right)
iv. Can hold it in my way 
v. Whenever you holding the handbag, I feel proud, feel great and confident.

I am still searching for "the one" for this moment and I found handbags that nearly reach my 5 definition of great handbags, its from Kate Spade! I think I can rock this handbag now and when I become mum, ahjumaa, and grandmother.

When I start talk about handbag, its endless talking.

3. Great heels
When you have great handbags, you need a good company, its great heels. I have been buying heels  for myself when I started working and its doesn't satisfy me because I feel so uncomfortable and rarely wear it, maybe because my current job is not required wearing great shoes ( we can wear but I prefer comfortable shoes like sneakers). But, think about future, who knows I get the corporate jobs that need me to looking good all the times (hahhaa..I am dreaming now). Once again, black heels is my choice! I believe great investment in shoes will be black heels ( no matter is pump heels or ankle strap heels, I love this 2 for this moment).
 3 definition of great shoes for me is :
i. Black/nude color heels- This two color never goes wrong with any outfits. 
ii. Comfortable heels - Whenever you walk with it, your feet won't hurt( it may hurt for couple weeks but after that, whenever you wear it, you feel taller, confident and great!)
iii. Can wear it for any occasion and it doesn't look wrong.

Same as handbag, I still searching for the right shoes, maybe I will go for pump heels or ankle strap heels.

4. Lipstick 
Finding the right lipstick is another tough things to do. Some of the lipstick look great on you but its ruin your lips, what a bad combination.
So, aim for lipstick that you can wear comfortably and great on your lips.

5. Great wallet
Once again, Kate Spade wallet is my choice and its black again!
For me, great wallet is wallet that always have money on it ( obviously..haha). Nah, just kidding but that the truth, right?
For m, great wallet is place where you can store your someone special photo proudly and whenever you miss them, you just can open your wallet and smell the money while see their photo,of course, my money feel need to be comfortable on it( they don't have much time to stay on, so I make sure they feel comfortable during their stayed) and all your belong is great on it, or in short word, have great compartment and small or just right size, that I can open proudly when I do the payment..hehe, not to attract bad people to see my wallet, but just want feel proud with careful in action.

6. Black blazer
Another great stuff that I must owned. It may no need to be expensive but its look great and long lasting! Why black blazer? Never goes wrong with black ladies, keep that on your mind. When you owned black blazer, you totally can rock any outfits on your wardrobe. Then, after you have a lot of money, then bought some other color blazer. 

7. " Growing up" luggage
Why I called it " growing up" luggage? As you may know, girls like color and I love color too. It may not wrong to buy colored luggage but for me, choose color that suit your image, if  can, don't buy cartoon image luggage that really not so growing up. If you like pink, just go for pink but its must be plain pink without any other "busy" image on it.
Why? I want feel proud and confident when pull my luggage at airport with my friends, family, clients or business partner maybe..haha

8. Long lasting t-shirts and jeans
I admit that, I preferred to buy cheap t-shirt rather than expensive one because I can easily boring with t-shirts so I feel its waste if I buy expensive t-shirts and when I get bored, I won't wear it anymore. But, seems like I need to change myself and my mind now, I need to buy great t-shirts that I can wear when I "growing up little more". My body size may change in future but at least, I can wear it for a long time. For the jeans, find the "one", don't just simply buy! Jeans can goes with any your outfits so choose well.

9. Great dress
This one maybe the hardest one. Why?
I think 20s taste of style will be different with 30s taste of style. Once again, black or white dress should be great dress for any age. Still finding the great one now, I have a bad choice on dress because I love them all.

10. Great watch
Another great investment to make. Great watch!
The watch that make you look great and most respect women..haha. I do aimed for great watch but I forget the brand name. I just want to buy watch there but I forgot the brand name. Its quite famous but I totally forgot. When I remember, I will update again.

Oh my! I can't believe I type so much words when its come to my wish list.hahha, I have so many wish list now but I won't reveal all because I scared! All the list here is my favorite stuff/things. Last but not least, I feel like all things on my list is in black color. For me, black can go with any or whatever you wear, so its great to make investment on black before other color, when you have a lot of money, you can make collection of many color, as for now, black is my choice. I have so much things to fulfill before all these wish list, so I won't have a lot of money to buy all color of this.
Sunday Confession about shopping during my early 20s :
When I am in my early 20s( when I started to know what is shopping,maybe around 19 years old), I always buying stuff that I don't need, things that I can't wear many times, things that not long lasting. I am so regret of that now, I should buy something that I can wear for so long and not buying cheap and low quality stuff that waste my money. I am not saying "buy expensive stuff" but whenever you want to buy something, look for your necessity and then, ask yourself, why you wanted it, and it can match with many outfits and it suit you? 
Always think many times when it come to spend your money ( I know, the temptation to buying stuff is really hard to avoid, your heart will say, I need this stuff and I look beautiful on this, please think twice when this kind of voices your heard). I know, when you are on your early 20s, you maybe don't know how it feel to earn money, your parents and your scholarship/study loan supply you with money, but remember, there nothing free in this world, you need to pay it up after study. Whenever buying stuff, always look for great look, great prices and make you feel great all the times. 

I write such a long post today! No wonder I love shopping, I had so much to talked about.haha

Thanks for your patience read my long post.
Hope you feel inspired and wonderful after read this.


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